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 "Zocket Ads results"
 "We understand you are in a hurry !! Please add your products and link your facebook page to continue."   
 "Link FB page to unlock"
"Already Used"
 "Create Post"
"Launch Ads" 
 "Shoot and Post"
"Get more customers"
 "Choose type of ad to get started"
"Add your first product or service offering"
 "Link your Facebook business page to start running ads"
 "Add Now"
 "This week"
"This Month"

 "Enter your phone number"
"Enter your mobile number"
 "Please enter your phone number to proceed"
"Run your ads in 30 seconds"
"Increase your customer reach and grow your business online"
"Get OTP"
"Verify OTP"
 "Enter OTP"
 "Please enter the received OTP and proceed"
"Didn't receive OTP?"
"Verify your number"
"Please enter the code we’ve sent by text to "
"Business Category"
"Please select your business category"
"Search for the category"
 "popular category suggestions"

 "share "
"edit "
"Product Description"
 "Oops! No products yet."
"Tap ‘Add Products’ below to add your first product or service"

 "With the help of Zocket"
 "Promote your business like any other large business"
 "Get Started"

"No Invoice Found"
"Choose a Page"
 "Go to home"
"Link Facebook Page"
"Choose at least 3 images"
"Your Uploads"
"Search in Zocket library"
 "Minimum 3"
"Search and select image from zocket library"
 "Search for images"
"Customers are waiting for you"
 "Complete your Profile"
"Finding Customer matches."
 "Looking for people interested in your business"
"Analysing your business."
"Curating ways to help your business grow."
 "Welcome to Zocket"
 "Please select your preferred language"
 "Tell us more... "
"Enter your business name"
 "I want customers from"
"Select the location and find customers"
"Suggested areas"

"Excluding taxes"
 "If you have any questions please "
"Contact Us"

"Proceed To Payment"
"Contact Number"
"Business GSTIN"
 "Business name"

 "Download Invoice"
"Invoice No"

 "Tax "
 "Grand Total"
"Zocket premium subscription"

"Subscribe to Zocket premium"
"Upgrade To Zocket Premium To Unlock"

 "What do you want to do?"

"Save Details"
"Search for a place"
 "Targeting within"
 "kms of"
 "Target location"
 "Campaign settings"
"Business contact number"
 "When can customers contact you?"

 "Ads that are currently running"
"Facebook Ads"
"Google Ads"

"Congratulations, you’re now a premium Zocket user!"
 "Your Zocket premium subscription is valid till "

 "Enter business name"

 "Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number"
"Didn't receive code?"
 "Resend Code"

"Do you have a Facebook business page?"
 "I don’t have a FB business page"
"Create New"
 "Link my page and start running ads"
 "Link Page"

"No Network"
"Enter valid OTP to continue"

"Please Enter search text to continue search image"

"You have added your first product"
 "Your profile setup is now complete"
 "You can start running ads now"

 "Free User"
"Premium User"
 "Ad Credit"
 "Ad Money"
"My Account"
 "Business Details"
"Payment History"
"Help and Support"
"Privacy Policy"
"Terms & Conditions"
"Are you sure you want to logout?"

"Product or service name"
 "Discounted Price"
 "Enter price"
"Product or service description"
 "Describe your product and mention its speciality"
 "Product or service images"
"Upload from your device"
"Choose from Zocket library"

 "Choose product to promote"

 "Choose Budget"
 "Show me the ads"

 "Your ads are ready"
"Start Campaign"

"Not enough credits"
 "Add money to start ad"
"Change Image"
"Change Caption"

"Congratulations! Your campaign is ready."
 "Your ad will start running as soon as Google approves."

 "You can also upload images from your device"
"Change ad images"
"Selected images"

 "Enter text or choose from below"
 "Auto Suggestions"

"Change Headline "
 "Change Description"

 "GST 18%"
"Add Amount"

 "Change Headline"
"Enter Headline"

 "Please wait while we generate your social media posts.."
 "Templates are getting ready please wait.."

 "Start by choosing a template. You can edit the images and text later."

 "Choose what you'd like to do"

"No customers yet."
"Start running ads to get your first customer!"
"Filter by status"
"Apply filter"

 "Update Status"
"Customer Status"
"Activity Log"

 "Enter Customer Name"
 "Enter Mobile Number"

"Share your post"