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import psutil
import json

def load_azure_ip_ranges_from_json(file_path):
    with open(file_path, 'r') as file:
        data = json.load(file)
    azure_ip_ranges_with_info = []
    for value in data['values']:
        if value['name'].startswith('Azure'):
            service_name = value['name']
            for address in value['properties']['addressPrefixes']:
                azure_ip_ranges_with_info.append((address, service_name))
    return azure_ip_ranges_with_info

def is_azure_address(address, azure_ip_ranges_with_info):
    for azure_range, service_name in azure_ip_ranges_with_info:
        if ip_in_range(address, azure_range):
            return True, service_name
    return False, None

def ip_in_range(ip_address, ip_range):
    ip, cidr = ip_range.split('/')
    ip = ip.split('.')
    ip_address = ip_address.split('.')
    mask = int(cidr)
    for i in range(mask // 8):
        if ip[i] != ip_address[i]:
            return False
    bits = mask % 8
    if bits:
        ip_bin = bin(int(ip_address[mask // 8]))[2:].zfill(8)
        range_bin = bin(int(ip[mask // 8]))[2:].zfill(8)
        return ip_bin[:bits] == range_bin[:bits]
    return True

def find_azure_network_drives(azure_ip_ranges_with_info):
    azure_drives_info = []
    for conn in psutil.net_connections(kind='inet'):
        if conn.raddr:
            remote_address = conn.raddr[0]
            is_azure, service_name = is_azure_address(remote_address, azure_ip_ranges_with_info)
            if is_azure:
                    process = psutil.Process(conn.pid)
                    process_name = process.name()
                    process_info = f"PID: {conn.pid}, Process Name: {process_name}"
                except (psutil.NoSuchProcess, psutil.AccessDenied, psutil.ZombieProcess):
                    process_info = "Process information could not be retrieved"
                azure_drives_info.append((remote_address, service_name, process_info))
    return azure_drives_info

if __name__ == "__main__":
    azure_ip_ranges_with_info = load_azure_ip_ranges_from_json('ServiceTags_Public_20240212.json')
    azure_network_drives_info = find_azure_network_drives(azure_ip_ranges_with_info)
    if azure_network_drives_info:
        print("Azure network drives found:")
        for drive_info in azure_network_drives_info:
            print(f"IP: {drive_info[0]}, Service: {drive_info[1]}, {drive_info[2]}")
        print("No Azure network drives found.")
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