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Certainly. Here's a proposal for the modification of the "loner" clan to be more inclusive:

Proposal: Enhancement of the "Loner" Clan Experience

To the esteemed game developers and the broader community,

Having invested significant time and energy into our shared digital realm, I've come to greatly value the diverse clan experiences it offers. Today, I'd like to present a nuanced approach to the "loner" clan experience that I believe could both preserve its unique identity and extend its benefits in a balanced manner.

The "Loner" Clan: A Unique Space
The ethos of the "loner" clan is its dedication to individual gameplay, emphasizing self-reliance and a unique brand of autonomy. However, like any player, loners also face the many challenges and high-risk scenarios our game offers, such as the intense environment of Titan.

Proposed Solution: Shared Morgue Facility
One way to address the unique challenges loners face without altering the essence of the clan is to introduce a shared morgue facility exclusive to the "loner" clan. Here's how it could work:

Non-Communicative Clan: To maintain the spirit of individual gameplay, this enhanced "loner" clan would still prohibit any form of communication between its members. Players would not coordinate or collaborate, ensuring the loner experience remains undiluted.

Shared Loner Morgue: All members of the "loner" clan would gain access to a shared morgue facility. This morgue would act as a safety net, particularly when facing high-risk areas. It provides a balanced solution, allowing loners to explore challenging domains without feeling disproportionately penalized.

Clear Distinction: To avoid any confusion, the shared morgue's mechanics should be clearly distinct from traditional clan morgues. The functionality is purely to provide a more equitable experience for loners in high-risk scenarios.

The primary goal of this proposal is to balance the gameplay experience for all, without compromising the unique identities of the various clans. By enhancing the "loner" clan with a shared morgue, we provide a solution that respects the spirit of individual gameplay while ensuring that loners are not unduly disadvantaged.