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ServerName=WeOxide 				//If you don’t fill this out, your server will show up as ‘DefaultName’ in the server browser
ServerRegion=europe							//Telegraph what region your server is from, other options are uswest, asia, russia, europe, australia, brazil
ServerPassword=								//Use this to prevent unwanted visitors. They will be required to enter this password in order to join your server from the browser

MaxPlayersOverride=2							//Number of players allowed in the server, if unused will use the gamemode default
MaxTeamImbalance=2							//How many more players can be on one team vs the other, default 2
MatchLengthOverride=						//Overrides the length of the match with the specified value. If not specified, will use the game mode’s default
MaxPlayerDeployablesOverride=1				//Overrides the number of deployables a player is allowed to have at once. Default is 1

RespawnDelayOverride= 						//Override respawn times
RedeployRespawnDelayOverride= 				//Override redeploy times
UltimateDamageMultiplier=1.0				//Multiplies the damage of ultimates
ExplosiveDamageMultiplier=1.0				//Multiplies the damage of explosives
HeadshotDamageMultiplier=1.0				//Multiplies the damage of headshots
WeaponDamageMultiplier=1.0					//Multiplies the damage of ultimates
AbilityCooldownMultiplier=1.0				//Multiplies the cooldown of abilities
HookshotDistanceMultiplier=1.0				//Multiplies the distance of the hookshot
HookshotSpeedMultipler=1.0					//Multiplies the speed of the hookshot
UltimateChargeRateMultiplier=1.0			//Multiplies the speed of ultimate charge
GrenadeCountModifier=0.0					//Modifies the number of grenades a player can carry
DashChargeModifier=0						//Modifies the number of dash charges
GravityMultiplier=1.0						//Multiplier for the amount of gravity affecting players
GroundSpeedMultiplier=1.0					//Multiplier for ground speed
bIsAmmoLimited=false						//Overrides the unlimited ammo flag on weapons, rendering their ammo limited

IdleTimeoutTime=	  						//How long before an idle player is kicked?

WebServerPort=8000  						//Port to listen on for the remote console
WebServerPass=password  					//Remote console password
WebServerUsername=admin						//Remote control username

bEnableAntiCheatForServer=true				//Setting this to false will disable anti-cheat protection on your server. This means players that are not running anti-cheat will be free to join your server without being kicked.
ModIds=										//List the ids of mods contained in your server’s mods folder (downloaded from mod.io) to be loaded. These mods will be downloaded by clients when they attempt to join your server
MutatorList=								//An array of mutators that can be referenced either from the game or mod packages
WhitelistedAdmins=76561197992110310			//List steamIds here to grant yourself and others access to admin commands from the game chat. Type “/serverhelp” once in-game
MapListConfig=								//List maps for them to load when the server starts. You can add multiple maps in the order you want them to rotate.