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As the class came to a close, Miss Smith passed out papers that detailed the lab that the class would be doing. "Ok class, it's Friday and this lab is due Monday. I suggest that you all meet up with your lab partners over the weekend to finish your calculations and review for the test next week. You can use the rest of the class to talk with your lab partner and collect your data." Kristen, one of the vore girls, raised her hand, "Miss Smith, my lab partner is "absent" and I don't think she is coming back." Kristen's other hand was busy rubbing her distended belly, which still twitched intermittently with struggles of her latest meal. She tossed her shoulder length blonde hair out of her face as she smiled. She hoped she would be excused from the lab since her partner was missing. Her tight white shirt didn't even manage to cover her gut and her hot pink bra was fully visible through the strained fabric. "Perfect! Allison's lab partner has also been missing for several days, no doubt the work of you or your friends, so you can just join her." Kristen grumbled, dismayed that she still had to do the lab, as she glanced over at her new partner Allison. Allison was a smart and quiet girl who regularly got the highest scores on tests and kept to herself. She had long black hair, wide hips, and soft features that she always kept hidden under thick sweaters. Kristen went and sat down next to Allison and said,"Hiya! I'm Kristen your new lab partner. Can I copy your notes? My old lab partner had most of the data and I didn't URRRPP get a chance to copy her notes." Alison said nothing but shot nervous glances at Kristen's writhing belly and around the room. She wanted to get away, but she knew no one else wanted to be in her shoes and even the teacher didn't care what happened to her. Kristen took her hand and leaned in close to her, "Nervous? Relax I'm full. Plus you're a nice girl… and I need you to help me with the lab. I have no idea what it's about. I'll even tell the other vore girls you are off limits. You help me and I help you. Deal?" Alison ran her fingers through her hair nervously, "uh uh uh um. Ok uh, well I guess so." She was less than convinced that this would work out for her and the occasional spasms from Kristen's belly did little to reassure her, but she knew she couldn't really say no. Kristen leaned back and began massaging her belly again and said, "Good girl, lets meet up tomorrow at my house so we can finish this." Allison replied "uh ok. I can come over at 12 I guess." 

The bell rang and Kristen struggled to her feet as she hefted up the weight of her gut and large breasts and gathered her things, "By the way, you don't seem to have a lot of friends but you seem nice. What's up with that?" Allison, still nervous, avoided eye contact and stammered, "Uh well umm. Last year. Um. You and some other vore girls came over to where me and all my friends were sitting. And um. You guys ate them. All of them. All of my friends. I was the only one left. I watched all my friends vanish into your stomachs. You were all too full by the time you got to me." Kristen stopped and thought back trying to remember the incident, "No shit huh?! Well I guess that explains it. I don't remember. How many did we pack in?" She patted her gut trying to recall. Allison looked at her, amazed that Kristen could forget something that was so important to her. "There were four of you and ten of us. I saw nine of my closest friends, friends I had known since preschool, be devoured by you guys. All of them gone just so you could have a snack or see how big you could make your belly." Kristen smiled and laughed, " HaHa, I still don't remember. So many people end up in the 'ole meat sack' that it's too hard to keep track of them all. Ya know. Urrp?" She patted her belly fondly reminiscing over all the meals that had made her the plump, buxom vixen she was now. Allison said nothing but looked down in disgust and sorrow knowing that all that was left of her friends was the layer of fat on the girl in front of her. Kristen headed out the door and yelled back, "Ok see you tomorrow at noon!"

Allison walked up to Kristen's house at noon. Despite the heat, she still wore a thick sweater to mask her curves. Ever since she saw her friends become food, she realized that it was necessary to hide your assets if you wanted to survive.  Despite what Kristen had promised her yesterday, she was almost certain that she end up as a post study snack.  She had thought about not going, but she knew that would only guarantee her fate. Vore girls were notoriously untrustworthy and loved tricking people into becoming easy meals, but Allison hoped that just maybe this time would be different. She sighed as she knocked on the door. As the door opened she was startled by what she saw. Kristen stood in the door way wearing nothing but neon pink panties. They would have matched her top if she had been wearing it, but instead her large breasts hung freely. They seemed much bigger when not confined to a bra and they rested just on top of her huge soft gut. Her belly was smaller and softer looking than it had been on Friday, but not by much. It still hung down and covered most of her panties and jiggled with her movements. Allison was surprised and embarrassed but Kristen acted like everything was normal. "Oh, it's you", Kristen said as she showed Allison in. "I was expecting the pizza boy. I ordered lunch and I can usually convince the delivery boy to come inside for minute if I answer the door like this. That way I get a bigger meal and I don't have to tip. Ha Ha" Allison laughed uneasily. She wasn't sure if this was some sort of trap or not. Even if it wasn't, she knew that the only thing keeping her from joining past delivery boys was the unfinished lab. She quickly pulled out her work and stammered in one long nervous breath, "I have the lab but it's not done so we should go work on it please don't eat me."  Kristen laughed at the quiet girl's nervousness. "Haha. Relax. I meant what I said and I'm going to keep my promise, that's why I ordered pizza. Let's sit down and start on this." Kristen showed her to the living room and they both started to their work. Allison was still skeptical, but as they talked about the lab and started their calculations she became more relaxed; she began to think that this would turn out alright for her. They split the problems in half and started working on them separately. 

After a while, Kristen sighed and looked out the window," It's such a nice day; I wish I wasn't stuck inside. Hey! Why don't we go out back and work next to my pool. We can tan and study." Despite her reservations, Allison agreed, 'Who knows?' she thought to herself, 'Maybe if I can convince this girl I'm her friend I could get permanent protection.' They went out back and laid out on Kristen's beach chairs. Kristen still only wore her panties and it was evident that this was something she did often since her body was evenly tanned, even her breasts and thighs. "Ahhh, this is much better don't you think? Why are you still wearing your sweater? It's like 90 out." Allison hesitantly replied, "Uh. I'm fine with it on. I like the heat." She smiled and tried to start working again to avoid further questions but Kristen wouldn't let it go. "I can see you sweating! Take it off and you'll feel so much better. You're so pale you could use some sun." "No really I'm fine like I am." Kristen sat up and looked at Allison more seriously and said coldly," I didn't ask if you wanted to. I said take it off. Your shirt too" Allison stopped and looked at her. She knew she didn't have a choice in the matter. "Um well ok." She took off her sweater and shirt. This revealed that she had rather perky DD breasts and pudgy pot belly that barely rested on top of her thighs. Kristen smiled and relaxed back. Her voice became happy and relaxed again, "There you go. Now doesn't that feel soooo much better on a day like today?" Allison shrugged and picked her papers back up as Kristen eyed her body, "Plus you have a really hot body. I don't know why you wear such ugly sweaters all the when you have a pair of jugs like that! You look simply delicious!" Allison looked up startled to see Kristen licking her lips, but Kristen laughed and sat back, "Hahaha! You are so nervous. Calm down. I'm going to keep my promise. As long as you have my protection you should flaunt what you've got. Let's go shopping next week for some more flattering clothes, huh partner?" Allison relaxed again and said yeah. She couldn't tell if things were going well or not. Maybe Kristen was being honest and just liked teasing her.

They sat back and began to exchange idle chat and continued to work. After a while they heard the doorbell ring. "Oohh! Pizza!" Kristen exclaimed, "It's about time, I'm starving! Come on." She jumped up and Allison followed hesitantly. Kristen went and opened the door as seductively as possible. She opened it slowly and exaggerated all her motions to show off her ample curves hoping to excite the delivery boy. She said in a smooth voice," Why hello. I've been waiting for y… ahh dammit. It's a delivery girl." She looked back at Allison and cursed. The girl was skinny and had white freckly skin and hazel eyes and was quite confused and embarrassed, "Umm sorry. Did you guys order five pizzas? I think I have the wrong place…" Kristen waved her in and said, "No no no, I ordered the pizzas, we were just tanning out back. Could you be a doll and help me carry the pizzas back?" The delivery girl was still confused but started coming in. "Uh ok sure thing." Kristen started to lead her in and then yelled, "Allison shut the door! Grab her!" Allison was startled, but then jumped and shut the door. Before the delivery girl knew what was happening, Allison had grabbed her and Kristen had taken the pizza and commanded. "Hold her still!" The delivery girl started yelling and struggling but was soon over powered by Allison and Kristen. Kristen tore off her clothes and shoes while Allison held her tight, which revealed that she had light freckles all over her and nice C breasts. Kristen grabbed her feet and began slurping her down. Allison was terrified by what she saw and what she was doing, but was too afraid of what would happen if she let go. It only took a couple of seconds for Kristen to reach her hips as Allison pinned her arms back. She worked quickly up the stomach and over the girls speckled breasts. Allison finally let go as the girl's head vanished into Kristen's mouth. All that was left was the delivery girl's blonde ponytail and her flailing arms. Kristen finished slurping her down and daintily pushed the last bit of the girls hand into her mouth. She waddled over to her couch and sat down. "UURRRRPPP. Nice job Allison. Really good job! That's what I call team work. Urrrppp." She started rubbing her belly as it jiggled wildly with the struggles of her freckled feast.  Allison was still in a state of shock from helping Kristen turn the delivery girl into lunch. Kristen grabbed the pizza and said,"Ok. We've been working pretty hard on the lab. It's time for a lunch break. Come over and grab a slice." Kristen, apparently still not full, began to ravenously eat the pizza. Allison shook herself out of her daze and thought, 'Well, I guess better that girl than me. Maybe this psycho bitch will be full now.' She walked over to the couch and grabbed a slice. She tried to eat but was too shaken to do much more than nibble on her slice and stare off quietly. Meanwhile, Kristen gulped down two of the pizzas before Allison had finished her one slice. She finally took a break from stuffing herself to massage her gut. The struggles inside had died down significantly. "Man that's good! Nothing goes together like pizza and pizza girl. Urrp. She tasted so good too. Probably from working around all that pizza." Allison nodded without really hearing and continued to nibble. "Wow you are a slow eater. I'm still hungry but I also need to massage my belly. It helps with digestion. Hey. Since you're barley eating anyways, why don't you feed me? "Allison looked up blankly and agreed, knowing that this wasn't really a question. She began feeding the vore girl the rest of the pizza. She started off slow, but kept having to go faster and faster. Kristen, even though preoccupied with rubbing her swollen belly, was almost inhaling slice after slice without any sign of letting up. Allison was amazed as slice after slice vanished and she could visibly see Kristen's gut grow with every bite.  Soon all the pizza was gone and Kristen looked around, "That was it? Bummer. Next time we'll have to get more. I still have plenty of room left in here." She patted her belly and let out another burp. They both sat back in silence as Kristen closed her eyes and rubbed her stomach in ecstasy. After a few minutes of this, Kristen spoke up again, "Ya know Allison, you're pretty cool despite being a nerd. I like you and want to keep my promise. The truth is, even if I wanted to, I can only protect you from the other vore girls for so long. Especially with that nice rack you got and that scrumptious little paunch of yours, you probably won't last too long.  You're a smart girl and I'm sure you are aware that the odds of you ending up in someone's belly are pretty high." Allison looked down depressed, "Yeah. I figured as much. I'm just a walking snack to you guys huh? You just wanted my lab notes." Kristen sat up and looked at her earnestly, "No no. Well kinda I guess, but you've really grown on me. I had fun chilling with you today. I just want to help you." Allison looked up, "Really? How can you help me if you can't protect me?" Kristen smiled, "If you are going to end up in a belly, I would like you to end up in mine. I can make sure that the digestion is painless and easy for you by changing the way my stomach works. It is the best way I know how to help you. It is kinda like protecting you." Allison thought it over and was comforted by Kristen care and kindness. "Wow. I always thought that you vore girls were heartless eating machines, but you are nice, in your own weird way. I guess I would rather end up in you and go painlessly than in one of the other girls." Kristen smiled and said, "I'm glad, thank you for all your help with the lab and with lunch. I really wish there was another way, but this is your best option. I'm sorry." Allison decided that this really was her best option and knew what she had to do. She stood up and began to take off the rest of her clothes, "I guess this is it. You want my clothes off right?" "Aww. You're so sweet; I will be as gentle as I can. Thanks." Allison stood fully undressed in front of the girl who was about to eat her and asked with a tear, "So do I just stick my hands in or what?" "Kristen motioned for her to come closer and said, "You're so cute. Come here." Allison was pulled in close and Kristen gave her a light kiss on her lips. They pulled back for a second and then came together again, this time for a long passionate kiss. Slowly, Kristen widened her mouth and began to tenderly engulf Allison's head. After she got to her neck, she placed Allison's arms at her side and began to swallow her faster. She guided Allison's orbs into her mouth and worked them over with pleasure. By the time she got to the waist she tilted Allison up and let gravity slide her smoothly into her belly with a couple gulps. She patted her belly and smiled contentedly. Her belly was peacefully calm as Allison waited to drift of painlessly. All of the sudden her belly began to thrash about and muffled cries form Allison could be heard through her thick layer of fat. Kristen began to laugh, "HAHAHAHA. What an idiot!! She really thought I could control my digestion and make it painless. And all this time I thought she was smart. I can't believe she bought all that crap! I even got her to feed herself to me. Now that's a first. I guess the quiet ones are gullible. HAhaha." She rubbed her writhing belly, happy that she had stuffed in two cute girls and five pizzas. It had been a good day for Kristen and her belly. 
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