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John, an employee of a manufacturing company, was fired due to the in introduction of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence technology on the production line. He is applying for Technology Transition Benefit under Future Shield Insurance policy to seek financial support for his career transition.

Adjudication method:

We chose to"Pay in Full" for the following reason.

Compatibility with Policy: John's job loss was directly attributable to the integration of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics in a workplace specifically covered by the technology transition compensation provision of the policy. There is no violation of policy exclusions because its termination is only due to technological developments.

In general, paying John's claim in full is the best course of action for adjudication because it is consistent with the goals and intentions of the Future Shield Insurance policy and gives him the assistance he needs to pursue career reinvention and navigate the shifting job market without sacrificing the terms of the policy.

Policy term:one year, renewable Anually
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