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*       Make your bed
Eat that frog!
How to talk to anyone (+2)
Extreme ownership
The 5 am club
The 7 habits of highly effective people
13 things mentally strong people don't do
The power of now
Unlimited memory
The spartan way - mckay
The psychology of money
Rich dad poor dad
The power of your subconscious mind
How to read a book - adler
Atomic habits
Principles - dailo
The 80/20 principle
Eat move sleep
Limitless - kwik
Ultra learning - scott
Professional troublemaker
Hidden figures
Make it stick
12 rules for life
How to stop procrastinating
The power of habit
No excuses! - tracy
The 12 week year
15 secrets successful people know about time...
The 10x rule
Indistractable - eyal
Mindset - dweck
Focus - goleman
High performance habits
The procrastination equation
The now habit
Do the work - pressfield
When - pink
Joy at work - kondo
The gift of fear - becker
The first 20 hours - kaufman
Learned optimism - martin
How to do it now because it's not going away
Make time - knapp
The pomodoro technique
Sane new world
Think and grow rich
The successful speaker
5 second rule
The only skill that matters - levi
The 1% rule - baker
Conscious leadership
No hard feelings - fosslien
Deep work - newport
The 48 laws of power
Brief - mccormack
Create space - draper
Your brain at work
Free to focus
Learning how to learn
You are not so smart - mcraney
The perfect day formula
The power of less - babauta
Salt sugar fat
Hyperfocus - bailey
The 5 elements of effective thinking
The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership
Quiet - cain
The road less traveled
White bears and other unwanted thoughts
The new corner office - laura
Thinkertoys - michael
Tiny habits
Digital minimalism - newport
The next millionaire next door
Finish - jon acuff
The ideal team player - lencioni
The organized mind
Don't overthink it
The joy of missing out - dalton
The intelligence trap
Mini habits
Think like a freak
Two awesome hours - davis
The power of discipline
Drive - pink
Peak - anders ericsson
5 love languages
Living forward - hyatt
How we learn - carey
The school of life - botton
Why we sleep
The science of overcoming procrastination
The 11 laws of likability
The power of full engagement
Think like a rocket scientist 
Discipline equals freedom - jocko
Scrum - sims
The bullet journal method - carroll
Why we make mistakes
Raise your game - stein
Life is in the transitions
At your best - carey
The 15 invaluable laws of growth
Creative confidence
Unfuck yourself
Breaking rhe habit of being yourself
How to make people like you in 90 seconds...
168 hours
Badass habits
The one thing
First things first
The program - jake macdonald
Hooked - eyal
Die empty - todd henry
Inner engineering - jaggi
Permission to feel
The minimalist home - becker
Thinking in systems - wright
The magic of believing - bristol
Think straight - foroux
Give and take - grant
Do what matters most - rob
Emotional inteligence - goleman
The subtle art of not giving a fuck
Effective decision making
The inner game of tennis
The sleep solution
Declutter your mind
Own the day, own your life
How to make shit happen - whalen
Blink - gladwell
The 4-hour body
You're not listening - murphy
Nine lies about work - marcus
Four thousand weeks
Choose yourself - altucher
Recovery - russell
Captivate - edwards
Anxiety at work - gostick
The upside of stress
The compound effect - hardy
Everything is figureoutable
Out of the crisis deming
Getting things done
Rest - soojung
The coaching habit
Get out of your head
Self-discipline in difficult times
How to be an imperfectionist
The rudest book ever - gangwar
Emotional inteligence 2.0
Ego is the enemy
Chatter - kross
To-do list formula
The art of work - goins
Intuitive eating
Blindspot - banaji
Overwhelmed - schulte
Surrounded by idiots - erikson
Goodbye, things - sasaki
The miracle morning
Boundaries - henry, john
Enlightenment now - pinker
Irresistible - alter
Team of teams - tantum
How to be fine - greenberg
Questions and the answer
Blue ocean strategy
Work won't love you back
The how of hapiness
What the most sucsful peple do befre breakfast
The willpower instinct
Marketing 4.0 - kotler
Don't sweat the small stuff... And It's all small...
Dare - mcdonagh
Switch - heat
Too big to know - weinberger
The financial diet
Law of attraction
Exceptional - cable
Thinking fast and slow
Creativity - mihaly
How to change - milkman
Million dollar habits
Grit - duckworth
Be calm - weber
Awkward - tashiro
The magic of thinking big
Range - epstein
The infinite game - sinek
Living with a seal
Your best year ever - hyatt
The toyota way
The death of expertise
Flow - mihaly
How to find fulfilling work
Walden; or, life in the woods
The sleep revolution
Talking to strangers
13 steps to bloody good wealth
Wherever you go, there you are
Never split the difference
Scientific advertising - hopkins
Eat to live
Thw catalyst - jonah berger
Relentless - grover
Words that chane minds
Influence - cialdini
Smarter faster better
The healthy mind toolkit
The 4-hour workweek
Outliers - gladwell
You need a budget
Company of one - jarvis
Thinking strategically - harvard
Uncanny valley - wiener
Millionaire success habits
Spark joy - kondo
The emotion code
Manage your day-to-day
The 5 languages of appreciation in the workspce
Unshakeable - mallouk
The power of negative thinking - hammel
The emotional life of your brain
Dare to lead
The daily stoic
The charisma myth
TED talks storytelling
The 22 immutable rules of marketing
Always hungry?
Hardcore self help
Set for life - trench
The home edit life
The four agreements
Untamed - doyle
The innovator's dna
Principles - raymond
Get good with money
The self-care solution
Mindful relationship habbits
Good to great
Lost and founder
Life is short (and so is this book)
First man in - middleton
Not nice - gazipura
You are a badass at making money
The five dysfunctions of a team
The hapiness advantage
Find your passion
Made to stick
Self-awareness - harvard
Steal like an artist
Outwitting the devil - hill
Never get a real job - gerber
How to not die alone
Science of yoga - swanson
Crucial conversations
The obstacle is the way
Codependent no more
The richest man in babylon
Willful blindness - hefferman
Breath - nestor
Opposite of loneliness
Love yourself like your life depends on it
Hapiness is the way
What you do is who you are
Essentialism - greg
Contagious - jonah berger
Peace is every step - hanh
How not to diet
The education of millionaires
Man's search for meaning
The gifts of imperfection
Inspired - cagan
Ask a man thinketh
Money honey
Building a story brand - miller
Feeling good - david
How to be an adult in relationships
Rework - fried
The minimalist entrepreneur 
How to stop worrying and start living
Masters of scale
The art of asking
The dorito effect
Leap - vigeland
The myths of hapiness
Millionaire women next door
Dream big - goff
Six thinking hats
Behave - robert sapolsky
Breathe to succeed
Walk in my combat boots
Anxiety in relationship
The 7-day startup
On fire - cynthia
The genious of opposites - jennifer
Men are from mars, women are from venus
The hapiness project
Self-discipline in dofficult times
Measure what matters
A guide to the good life
The beauty myth
More than enough
How to - munroe
David and goliath - malcolm gladwell
Zero waste home
Start with why
Superlife - olien
How to get dressed - alison
Upstream - heath
The joy of hate - gutfeld
The no-spend challenge guide
Bad blood - carreyrou
Who moved my cheese
Metabolism reset diet
Talk like ted - gallo
Leadership is language
Negative self talk and how to change it
Lives of the stoics
Work rules! - bock
Chop wood carry water
The six pillars of self-esteem
The lean startup
Humankind - bregman
Fat chance - lustig
Spark - ratey
Loserthink - adams
To sell is human
The new one minute manager
A mind for numbers - barbara
Think again - grant
Everybody lies - seth
Superforcasting - gardner
How to break up with your phone
Metaskills - neumeier
No time like the future
Everything is fucked
Man enough
The seven spiritual laws of success
Daring greatly
Resilience - harvard
The $100 startup
Maybe you should talk to someone
How to win at the sport of business
Meditations - aurelius
Salt, fat, acid, heat
The greatest salesman in the world
How emotions are made
I thought it was just me
Move your stuff, change your life
How to win friends & influence people in the dig...
The blue zones
Selfie - will storr
Zero to one
The art of war
The dumb things smart people do with their mony
Leadership - doris
Made to stick - heath
A mindfulness guide for the frazzled
The making of a manager
Rising strong
Sprint - knapp
Burn your portfolio
The biggest bluff
What happened to you? - perry
Hbr guide to better business writing
The promise of a pencil
The monk who sold his ferrari
I hear you - sorensen
Calling bullshit - bergstrom
Why does he do that?
Crossing the chasm - moore
Food - mark hyman
The science of getting rich
Dress your best life
Loonshots - safi
The life-changing magic of tidying up
The ride of a lifetime
Capital in the 21st century
Ikigai - miralles
The deficit myth
How to do nothing - odell
Don't burn this book
You are the placebo
How to not always be working
Side hustle - guillebeau
Strengths finder 2.0
Naked economics - wheelan
Who - randy street
The tipping point - gladwell
The hard thing about hard things
The righteous mind
The simple path to wealth
Reglections of a man
The soulmate experience
The last law of attraction book you'll ever...
The latte factor
The fixer - tusk
Life will be the death of me
The wolf of wall street - belfort
The motivation manifesto
Lessons - bundchen
The magic of tiny business
The book of joy
Profit first
Skin care - hirons
Think like an entrepreneur act like a ceo
Cribsheet - oster
How to talk so kids will listen...
The art of loving
The future is faster than you think
Life 3.0 - tegmark
On writing - king
Competitive strategy - porter
Speeches that changed the world
21 lessons for the 21st century
High output management
Built, not born
The smartest kids in the world
Scaling up - harnish
Trust - buttigieg
Never eat alone
The hapiness hypothesis
His needs, her needs
The design of everyday things
The everything store
Money-making mom
Business adventures
Your first 1000 copies
The coddling of the american mind
If you're not first you're last
The body book
The alchemist - paulo
On tyranny - snyder
Rule #1 - phil
I will teach you to be rich
The art of travel - botton
The mom test - rob
The undying - boyer
Good economics for hard times
Stop checking your likes
Big magic - gilbert
Guns germs and steel
How fascism works
Unfreedom of the press
Beyond coffee
How brands grow - byron
The black swan - taleb
A short history of nearly everything
The effective executive
Radical candor
She means business
The handmade entrepreneur 
The total money makeover
The shallows - nicholas carr
Starting a successful blog when you have no clue
The body keeps the score
Money master the game
Your next five moves - david
Hillbilly elegy
Top home-based job & business ideas for...
Show your work!
Decoded - phil barden
Broke millennial
Thw univers had your back
Finding freedom - durand
How to day trade for a living
The 1-page marketing plan
Fooled by randomness
Animal vegetable miracle
Dude you're gonna be a dad
All joy and no fun
How children succeed
The self-driven child
How to raise successful people
Food fix
The conscious closet
Just work - scott
The bitcoin standard - ammous
Digital gold - popper
Bitcoin billionaires
Stock investing for dummies
The intelligent investor
Flash boys - michael lewis
The book on rental property investing
The fair tax book
Our time is now
Psychopath free
This is marketing - godin
Lean in - sheryl
Girl, stop apologizing
Sapiens - harari
Never chase men again
A brief history of time
Brief answers to the big questions
The man who mistook his wife for a hat
Buy yourself the fucking lilies
Astrophysics for people in a hurry
The baby decision
Fuck him - nox
Until the end of time - greene
No filter - frier
The longevity paradox
The big short - lewis
Stuff matters - midownik
Alibaba - clark
My inventions - tesla
The cult of we
Billion dollar loser
That will never work - randolph
Mud, sweat and tears - grylls
The art of the deal - trump
The upstarts - stone
Permanent record - snowden
New dark age - bridle
The four - scott galloway
This is how they tell me the world ends
A promised land
The light we carry
Becoming - obama
Why nations fail
The gene an intimate history
What if?
Educated - westover
How to avoid a climate disaster - gates
The moment of lift
Awakening joy
Conversation casanova
Shoe dog
Prepared - tavenner
The road to character
Born a crime - noah
Moonwalking with einstein
Keep sharp - gupta
Factfulness - rosling
When breath becomes air
Einstein - walter
The varieties of religious experience
Creativity, inc. - catmull
Steve jobs - walter
Elon Musk - vance
A woman makes a plan - musk
I am malala
Catch and kill
Conversations with myself - mandela
Tomorrow sex will be good again
The ethical slut
Sex at dawn
She comes firs
He comes next
Love worth making
Have a new sex life by friday
The man's guide to women
Dollars and sex
The breakup bible
101 nights of great sex
Come as you are
Doing it - hannah
What to expect when youre expecting
In the FLO
Act like a lady think like a man
It didn't start with you
How to sleep with any girl
How not to hate your husband after kids
Have a new husband
The seven principles of making marriage work
Hinch yourself happy