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 I don't know, you know. Whether they are dangerous or not, you know, it's a sign for them to be in there. But as my understanding, they say that they want to get out. They say that all the customers to get out from in-mobiles work. But in our own business, they say that. In general, real estate is very tricky right now. So they don't see the good future. Yeah. Can say that. It's just an example. Whether they have it or not, they are immobilized by the global government, the whole world, immobilized by the world. And I give them the right or we give them the right. Unreliable of the costs, the risk is enough. Let's say the price is too much. Years have gone by, it's been taken care of. There are the first techniques already. Because the equipment has been in the rendering. So, on 20 years, 2.5, on 15 years, 1.7, on 10 years, 1.4. Yes, my God. Stabil. Super. But no real. But no real entertainment. That means, now in the last three years, he has no money. And they should try to improve this. How the last development is, because we expect that this is generally developed. I have tried it, it's still ok. But I mean, even if it's ok, then it's fine. No, no, no, no. No, no, no. No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no. It's not our interest, but we are interested in the future. Yes, we have a big problem. Whatever we can do, obviously we are all in trouble. Yes, of course. But, on what we see, is this time and and or or or the problem, So I would really thank you and especially about the cost problem, because in the rules they are imobiles, the cost higher than the rentals they get. Look at a so-called basis information board. Have you already looked at it? Can we? Do you know the least? And there it is, if you have 10,000 euros, which costs you have? If you have to pay 1,8.5% or 5,4.6% at the time you pay 4,6% what should be left over there? 1,1% for you as a lawyer. And that's why I say, at the time you have to pay a decision, because I think I think I have to do it and you have to say it now and now no more. And then you don't know what you will get out of it later. Thank you very much for this reason, because I am not going to get out of the city, but the citizens of our city. And then today we have a theoretical information about the citizens of the city, because the citizens are really index-midens, so it's always... Yes, it's fixed, yes, yes, I know. But yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, I can't see. No, no, no, no, it's not coming, it's not coming. Yes? Okay. So, yes, I have an invitation, we are of course also aware of what not everyone is always aware of, because everyone says I read it and it's good. And we also have eight out of ten, and the costs are in the middle of the movement, what is in the middle, and so we look at us a little deeper. That means, if we can now join, how would we do that? So, how would we work together? So, we have a very normal information. It's in there, that you can do it every day, because we don't want to spend on us if it doesn't fit anymore. It's in there that we can talk about the information about the information we have. We actually don't even have a phone. Exactly. So, your performance is in principle what you have on your knowledge, and that means you are waiting for our depot on the map, or whatever you are learning, that means you know what you are currently experiencing in your own country, not necessarily in the middle, but in the front. That means, if you see that you don't know what you are experiencing with X-Ipsula, then you will come to see it. It's interesting to understand that. That's right. So, then we'll talk about it later. I don't know. I'm so excited. So, finally, it's decided that your risicoprofiles are ready. Because then we have to think about how we have to make our entire set of books. There are risicop 1 to 7, 7 is the same, 1 is the same. And most of the links between 3 and 4, sometimes between 4 and 5, after that. There are times to bring them together. Time to put them together. That means, if we think about it, we are asking for one. 50. So, how many arrangements do you have on your mind after that? both arrangements. Well, both arrangements, we want start ... ... to the consent of the Forum to invest in and scale. But children, you might need a well-being. So, that is the kindergarten, from mid August 2020. But that's a good topic. So depending on how much money we want to spend, we want millions of dollars. We have to work together. For millions of dollars. I just want to see if they have time. I'll give you a hand. I'll give you a hand. I'll give you a hand. He was his try to pull out the number from you. That's definitely the answer. How much you earn for me? Give me a hand. Come on. We'll see. See you. No, no, no. I'm the first. I'm the first. We work together. We do our work together. That's the good thing. I started with the Swaghasser because I don't want to give you so much money. For me, you work for me and you earn my money. And I get my money and you earn your job. That's really good. And then I have my things to do and you also get my... Yes, yes. That's perfect. But I'm not that happy. You have tried. But I met my interest. I wanted to have more. That's it. So, again, money and money is very important for us. Because we don't buy a product. The Swaghasser bought a product that was so much to say. But the knowledge is already what you're talking about. You understand? Yes. You hear that, but if you get that, you don't interest it. No. And we do it differently. Yes. The important thing is that you have to tell us what you want. And that's how much possible. So that we can make a picture of you. And if you say that you have a 15-year-old Adlage Horizont, then I would say that's wrong. Okay. You have a 30-year-old Adlage Horizont. Why should the world be able to make a good living? Why? Why? Because I'm not interested. Why should the investment stop to grow after 15 years? So it's not that you take it after 15 years or so. You don't have a plan. I just have a 15 years. Oh, okay. So, I'm stronger. Yes. So that means that a certain part of the business has to be continued after that. Yes. And our plan is to make it forward. So it's our goal. And I'll tell you about the most wonderful things we've shown you in these bulls and bulls. It's also good. Our goal is to give you an investment between 7 and 8 percent. That's our goal. Because, if I'm mathematical, the beginning of the sum that we invest in 10 years with 7.multiple goals, I double my money. And that's our goal. Between 10 and 15 years, money has to double. And the people who are already looking at us will also work for it. Okay. Not in the online area. The online area can be made so much. I talk about the stock investment. And not from the bonds. That's actually the view that you say. I'll be very careful. I'll be doing a lot of online. Then I can change it. How do you work? Maybe in Poland. The 15 years that we've been in the beginning are trying to give away and try to get in the car. And then, if you go into the traffic, for example, the traffic goes down. So, that's what we say, until we're on the road. There's a driver who might enter and get a little bit of investment. And then it's not that we're 65, I would like to drive over 500,000 to the right and try to get it on the head. But then it's called a driver's car. And we call it the end name. That means we call it 1,500 euros per month. And of course, it's a money. It's just a money. And if you say in the next month, you should get 2,000 euros. And that's why there are also certain components that you can get in the old end. Where you start with 80-20, and then you start with 60-40, or maybe 50-50, because you can get less physical, if you say that you want to get a little bit of money over money. And you can't be so speculative with the money you need. Because if there's a crash, it's a bad idea. So, maybe there's a good idea. There are the so-called 140,000 euros for the regular money. We're doing it now. 65,000 euros for the 나온. That was my job. Bye. I don't work anymore. I want to have money now. And 2,000 euros per month. 65,000 euros for 1,000 euros. 1,000, 12,000, 12,000 in a year. 1,000, 10,000. You're 75,000. You're 120,000. And then you're 80,000 and 240,000. If I have 240,000 euros, without a payment, because of the money, I can take 1,000 euros and that's 20 years. And I think there's no payment for that. So, the income is relatively easy. Build up to 65,000, so much money is spent on what's going on. That's why we say, we have to double what's going on in 10-15 years. Here, more like there, that's better. And then you need, you can do it like that, 500,000 who can do it. Then you don't need 500,000 to spend and to say that, I'm totally sure of it now. But we only need 100,000. We need to spend a month, a thousand euros until you're used to it. And the rest of the money, let's continue working on it. And if you're used to it, we'll do the same game again. And you're used to it, and let's continue working on it. You mean? Exactly. And for that, you need to plan. And not just to say, I buy an ETF and I do that. But it's heard from our viewers, from Berad, because we actually have to take up your financial plan from now on, until the vote is over. So that everything is ready. The higher the votes, of course. That's clear. That's logical. And in what way you go about it, so that it will definitely happen. So you have the day's money that I don't know where it is. For example, the GELMARK VOS, the XXTRAGOR, is the ETF company of the German bank. We have at the time 3.98, I think. And I don't have to walk all the half-year away, because we have to get the bank-hubbing. And the name is, if you are 65, you will always have the GELMARK VOS. Then we will set up the money, and take it to the logic. But we need to think about it today, what is in 15 years. We have to do that. So we need to plan today, not yet. We need to plan now, that we will make it relatively fast, and we need to plan now. I just came up with a short story. So this is an example of someone who is already in the time of the Christmas. It is the art. 2011, he has paid us money, 100,000 at the beginning. And then he has always built up. Someone has built up 6 or 7000 euros. The top is 2018, and then he builds up. And then we are more or less under, where you say, okay, this is exactly the example that you are just dematizing. And it is still possible, because the GELMARK VOS is still between the two. The GELMARK VOS is still working, and so on. And the GELMARK VOS is still working. Exactly, it is a good example. GELMARK VOS is still building up. Yes, we have a Christmas. So when they come down, it is because it is taking them out. The blue line is the money you put it in. Yes, it works. And then it is going down. Okay, yeah. So you also invest in the very best. Yes, but the earning from, so, but the earning. How to say, earning. The earning is fine. Yes, the income of the EUSH is still growing. Yes, yes. Sure, still not alone. We are living in a lot of money. And then it is still in the 20 years. Yes, yes. That is my strategy right now. But what is important is, it is a good example. Let's start with the whole thing on 2011. There was for two, for three years. Okay. There was no winner. There was, that is, everything has to be won. It is not like we have money on the floor, and then you go back to your job. Then you have to pay. I have to pay. That means, so it is almost the same. 2014, 2014, then the first time in the world where you invest in capital, which is on the scale. No, but it is now 2011. I know in 2008, the financial, I don't know. It is difficult to follow. We are now in the 23rd of the year, where you have done the three quarters of the population. So it is once a minimum of 100. And in the Q4, or in the beginning, Q4 has really noticed what is happening. And now it is Q2, 24 almost already. That is, the three quarters, yes, it has really grown well. Yes. We have just seen each other for the past few years. That means, they are now in one year, because of which it looks like from the beginning to the top. But then you have to be a little bit more serious, where you can say that you can also get a different phase. The phase, so we know unfortunately, it is of course a loss when you start seeing the case. It is a low-end. But what does it count? So it is, then, the long-term goal. And I have my story now, I am not so long ago, but still, I am now one and a half years old. That means, that is, that are customers who have been looking for much longer in the whole area. When I am now involved in it, and then of course it is nice to see that such a gap has developed, the customer, of course, also uses it. So he has, around 400,000, now invested, and has been paid almost 600,000. So we are always behind it, not just at the moment, but at 180,000. But that is not a thing that you have done. But that is not a thing. Yes, yes, yes. The customer is not different from what he is doing. We work on it, we have won the massive season, so we have won the stock market. We have changed the world, we have changed the world, but yes, but yes, yes. So there is a lot of brutal also. But it is a brutal ass. Yes, it is a brutal ass. Yes, yes, yes. Absolutely. You wanted to ask something, sorry. So, okay. I don't want to get into the private information, but just for the examples, and which percentage this doctor invited. So 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50, 50. The height of the head, at the beginning, almost all, also 80, 20, 70, 30. And the change is during time. Oh, right now is, I don't know, maybe 50, 50, 50. Oh, okay. But in the beginning, it was more for risk. Okay, okay. Okay. So this is our job. Yes. So, then, we have to leave the time to leave the body, we are with you, so that we get a lot between blue and green lines. And that only happens when the part for the actions is in the right height. That can only work. But also always according to your life's time, I'll just say, there are many that, next to the round, there are, of course, what you say, what to do, then we bring also topics in or give input, and it becomes over what to do, or is this a good possibility? If we know that many other diseases are still there, that is, let your car be a disease, maybe three houses somewhere, then you can keep more actions. That is, then you have to not have to be careful, it can be quite common on the ground, what to say, yes, when you have to have the area you have or then it's a good idea. So, if you remember us, then we do not only have to explain that to the subject, not only we have to understand not to understand what it is or something, so ask So make a brief on scientific treatment You need to because students have already So if you have a big loan in your house, then they can't put everything in stock because we can be at zero tomorrow and we have to pay them things. So then more parts should be secure and easily transferable and predictable. So that means it doesn't work if I say, okay, I give you so much money and you're just a worker. They probably put dinner, but it's not a good way. So I'm not in my room. Yeah, he's here. Sit. It's a sleeping night. Okay, my daughter is a bad girl. So just to play. So to play. I say, okay, I'm putting you to play 500,000 euros and you're working on it. That doesn't work, right? So you're working on it, right? I'm working on it, right? No, no. You're not playing, but you're not playing, but you're not playing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You're playing with them. That's not me. Yeah, that's not me. Okay, yeah, yeah. Okay. They won't be able to play. Yeah, yeah. What do you say? I want to reveal everything if you don't have to. Right? Yes, yes, yes. So just to play. Yeah. We'll discuss that with everyone, with us in the relationship. Okay. We want to know, how much money do you have as a money on a daily basis, a money investment, then we write about money, 100,000. Then we ask, do you have your own mobile, where you live, yourself, in your house, do you have yourника's, your family's, your mobile? You know, we have mobile phones too. Also a group of employees, you have to pay for it. You have gold and silver, you have any metals. You have something for that time, not back then, when the Euro crashed. When the US dollar crashed. When our money crashed, it was all over. So alternatively. We want to know, we don't want to know the cost of the company, the full-time wallet, because it can't be a half-sweet half-sweet, or a half-sweet half-sweet, ten thousand liters of it. That's what I have. Yes, that's how we do it. And that's a- and this seven-piece, more you can't make money with money. So you can of course give it to us. Of course, but anyway, you can only let your money go home, buy a lot of diamonds, buy some online, because of that, because that is why we called the It is called the money in the money. I have money and it is as money and I get as money back. The blue means I take money and take the money in the mobile phone, in the golden silver in the action. I have it, and that is why the blue is. That means we make an absolute suspense call to have the whole community involved. And then, the blue is there to make the two rights, online and action. That is what we do here at every. So, who wants to do it with us? A state of emergency. So, the blue means. Okay. Okay. Okay. Then we have a question. The work of the Arabian people is the beginning of the marriage. Yes, it is the beginning of the marriage. Maybe the beginning? No, the beginning. From the earning. No, from the... In. Many in. Yes. How many? No, no, no, no, no. From the... From the earning, what? Well, the saving money is more important than the current earning. From the money. So, the money we have, the account, the base for the... Yes, before you trust in learning for you. Okay. Because then the money. But you don't trust in the earning. Yes, of course. No, the money we have. Yes. If you are in 1000 and you are in 10%, then you get 100 euros. But if the money grows next year to 1 million, then you get more. Okay. Our job is to win your own. We are interested in the between blue and green line. Because then we get more. That means it is the interest of the company, exactly as we are. We don't sell products and then we sell them as low as possible. But we are interested in the money. We are looking at the number of 7 and 8. That is our goal. We want the green curve to grow. Exactly. From here there is no difference in what our interest is. 7 more money and here also our job. That is fair. That is our job. Yes. What is your rate of investment? Yes, I have a lot of millions here. That is then in the back. Yes. We have to expand what exactly. We have to expand the money. We have to expand the money. Yes. If we have to expand the money, we have to expand the money. Yes. It is a conclusion. So we put the money in and they take the percentage. And from the earning they also take the percentage. And understand the rate. In the rate because from the... No, I can explain it to you. In the world money is in the account. Plus earnings. They take... Let's see. 1%. So if you earn a lot, they get more than 1%. That we have to exactly. I did. Okay. They don't want to. It depends. Oh, okay. What depends? A much more investment. Yes, it depends on the... From the higher. It depends on the other person. It depends on the number of people. No, no, no. No, no. No, no. No, no. No, no. And... So what is important for us? The discussion is always about how high our earn is. So for us, it's clear. Of course, you have to know. Secondly, we go around... ...their... ...of possible mistakes that most people... ...have made in the course of money. For the wrong time, points, or points... ...which are something new. Because... ...we are called media learning. Because we are being... ...to animate something about media. There is something new there. Why do people know all of them? No matter who sits there, MSI world. Why? Because the only HTF is... ...that always exists in every store. It exists everywhere. Because you know it all. So that means we will... ...get involved with media learning. Because... ...we have to be sold. It has to be sold by product. And our financial is... ...that you will be involved with something. And that is the reason why some people... ...can be something for me. Then they switch from one app to another... ...in the opening of the shop to make money. And we don't do the wrong business. That is the reason why we say... ...that a lot of people... ...are going to lose their jobs and less. If a repalancing... ...if one goes down to buy something... ...and buy a bill, but not to go out... ...but to keep a product. And that is the reason why people... ...are going to lose their jobs. Because the Chinese... ...are going to lose their jobs... ...because most people will buy things. That is the reason why people... ...are going to invest in a big company. Not only in the short term, but also in a long time. They are going to lose their jobs. And that is the truth. With the help of the big freehand world... ...I can't say the name now. But the same thing... ...the communism has to be against... ...how new Zealanders and Australians... ...have all been shut down. I like the EU. Free trade organizations. That means they together grow very much. And even so, China and Australia are like this. They are still in the free trade area. Which makes the assumption that... ...they are also investing in the Chinese market. It is not only invested in Russia. Because in Russia, by the sanctions... ...all Russian companies were taken out. But there is no interest in me. That is just like that. They are in the trade area. But they have given it to the government. They wanted to get out of it. I am a bit of a idiot. Before the war, they invested everything. Or they were all fighting for it. They were all fighting. There is no money left. That is because of the sanctions. That is because they are also going to pay the price. And the value is lower. That is true. That is why the stocks went down. But this is Russia. Open 0.1%. But it has nothing to do with Russia. Russia lost a lot of money. The share of Russia. You can see the small wigs book. It is a bit less. It is a bit less. It is... It is not necessary. On the whole world, Germany is not necessary. Two percent of German companies are only on the edge. Germany is on the middle of the country. Many companies are on the edge. You can't buy any action. Two percent of Germany is underweight. Okay. That is the world. Northern America. This is Southern America. Europe. Japan. China. Australia. Africa. Morocco. Germany. Two percent. Apple. Only Apple. Two percent. That is the world. That is the world. Russia is not in the right place. But it is unbeknown. No, no. Because I am asking you, what do you think about this China without Taiwan? What do you think? I don't think so. No. The real country is... The real country is... The real country is... The real country is... What is happening? We are making two examples to explain. But I don't have any answers to China's share. Two examples. The war in Russia and Ukraine. The Börse is down. The war against Israel. What is happening in the Börse? Nothing is happening in the Börse. It means that there is no change in the Börse. There is a war, a lot of death. No change in the Börse. It is completely uninteresting. Whether this change of Taiwan has the whole world, the whole world has changed. Probably already change. But not so strong. But it is clear. There is no more peace in the Börse. There is no change in the Börse. The country has changed. It is difficult to say. Probably the reaction is already being made. But that is not the strategy. Because it is a technical aspect. I mean, we know that. It is the Asian-American. Is it the Asian-American? Yes, it is the Asian-American. And Taiwan is in this world with so much peace. It has natural challenges because they are all in love. But that is now so... Not at all. The world is going on. The world is going on. Ukraine is going on. So who is the most active one? We take a remove. Yes, we get about 8%. Well, it will help in the future. Yes. Mr.�� manufacturers of deutsenluis. So we have the same problem in Deutschland. Wire card, värdeer wallet... And text to Abdullah. But what made it to the end? Wirecard was one of 30 in the box. One of 30 is now filled with 40. But of course it was lost. Who was directly in the wirecard? He lost everything. But he also made something like that. Who was also in the wirecard. But with 0,000. Yes. Yes. That's what I wanted to say. It will be a few pieces and it will be back again and again. This wirecard is always designed to work in the company printing. Always. And that the only solution is because an ETF can't do it. Because an ETF will be made by market capitalization full automatically. That's not possible. Yes. And your question. Which one? If they take in our credit and make a package and... You know what I mean. Yes. Have you asked? No, I haven't. For example, the wirecard is available for example. Is it something that they change or that it is a data point and the app? Because they also said that the app is a clear part of the system, which is good for the credit. So, do you do something like that? There are a lot of credit cards on the back of the user card or... Yes, we are going to the market. Then we will look at the other ones. And if you can help, the two questions are there. Of course. So, let's look at them. But if they are still in the market, they are still in the market. Of course, it is difficult to decide. But the market is in the market. If they are still in the fixed interest part, they are going to win. Yes, but they can be lost. No, they are going to win. Yes. We have a third... How do you have the priority? In January? Yes. So, we could... We could have a third, that means we could have three years. If they want to, we will just look at it. Yes. So, only the question is whether there is a possibility for the market. If there is a possibility, we will do it. I think we will not be able to do it now. But the question is, what is the advantage of this? Because the prices are not that good. Not like now. So, let's look at it. And then we have to not change. But at least we can turn it on the second blind. Okay? Yes, that's what we do. Yes, that's good. Because there is certain potential. Because it is a very important thing. Yes. If you have no questions, then you will do it at home. And then we will think about how the partner will be. Okay. And then we will ask questions. Then we will go back. Yes, that's right. The first thing we have to explain, but I have understood that very well. Yes. I understood a little bit. I came to you with a little bit of information. We know the money. You say, we want to do something for you. And then we say, Jo, and then you do the information or do it right. So, I know about it. My money in this way. Or do you do that? No. So maybe there is a plan. It's a follow-up. We are there in the income comparison. We do not run directly over us. So our name does not reach there. Okay, really. So we will talk to each other. We give a private input. We have a program, an市, an attorney, county cap. Then we give a pass in large and large quantities. In large quantities, we . If our customers are talking. What is the plan? What we<|sl|><|en|> is funds. Why not? What you are e.g. Do you need mobile code? Do you need mobile code? More and more communication. I'm a headband and I'm a surgeon. They will be connected again. But I don't buy this from them. That's what they do. Yes, we give them a formula and they write it down. And then they are made of the headband of your headband. That's what I know. We make a bureaucratically flat. Yes, okay. And they are always with you. That's what I'm saying. I'm not saying that they are always with you. Now they are in the bathroom. No, no, no. So you want to go in? Okay. So again. Everything that has money to do with money. We do nothing from the line. Without a word, without a word. Nothing happens. Yes. Is he a good guy? No, no. Then? Exactly. Thank you. I do my language work and ask my husband. Yes. More than anything. Yes, so if you want to know something, because it's very hard to get used to it. Because we have a lot of things to tell you. Then you just need to know something. You don't have a topic. That's very interesting. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay, come on. Yes. It's a joke. Yes. Did you see that? Yes. I saw that you were in the bathroom. You saw that you were in the bathroom. Yes. You were in the bathroom. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. Yes. Yes. Okay. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. And now you sit there and you sit there. I'm going to sit there. Yes. You sit there. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I'll sit there and sit there. Yes. Wow! That's great. Yes. Thank you. Good. Yes. It's nice. I love you. I love you. Yes, yes. Thank you. Have a quick look. Already bought stuff that was for the customer. Bye.
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