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### Current Architecture
Three servers in production (Non Kubernetes)
	MySQL / Redis (container) / RabbitMQ

### Questions around infra
	Kubernetes Version  1.22.12

Service Mesh
	Istio / Linkerd? -- No

	Internet -> Google Load Balancer -> Ingress Controller Pod (HTTPS Lets Encrypt) -> App Service -> App Pod (MySQL / Redis / RabbitMQ)
	Internet -> Google Load Balancer -> Ingress Controller Pod (HTTP) 				-> App Service -> App Pod (MySQL / Redis / RabbitMQ)

K8s CNI Version
	kubectl get ns
	Encryption on?
	Are we using network policies?

### Questions around application
Is the slowness on both http and https?
	Have we tried http (locally from a k8s pod)?

	Have we tried to hit from a local pod on the kubernetes local domain (<service_name>.<namespace>.svc.cluster.local)?
		k exec -it <pod> -- bash
		stern, ab, curl (for loop)

Do we have any tracing enabled on the cluster?
	Jaeger / Datadog / NewRelic    -- Fluentd + Grafana

Is there any other error on the nodes?
	kubeproxy or nodes

Does the problem occurs on new nodes as well? Have we tried recycling nodes?
	No. -- I would recommend terminating the node (and let Google spin up a new one... and test again)

Do we have support from Google?

Are other applications on the cluster also slow?
	How many application do we have in the cluster?
		I recommend installing a sample app and test that if the app too has some issues.

Do we have any load or stress testing tool in place?