Odoo Lab 4

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2 years ago
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#This is the controllers.py file

from odoo import http
import logging
import json

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

class Os21Pharmacy(http.Controller):
    #Change the route to whatever you want
    @http.route('/displaydetails/', auth='public')
    def index(self, **kw):
        #Change the model name in the following line to match your model name
        medicines = http.request.env['os21.pharmacy.medicine'].search([])
        dic = []
        #This is a loop for the array, make sure you have price defined in the model
        for medicine in medicines:
            dic.append({'name': medicine.name, 'price': medicine.price})
        return json.dumps(dic)

#in the controllers folder, in the init file type in the following to import the controllers.py file:
from . import controllers

#in the main init file type in the following to import the controllers folder:
from . import controllers