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            <h2>Distributor classification</h2>
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            <p>Octopart classifies distributors into three buckets: Authorized Distributors, Non-Authorized Stocking Distributors, and
            Non-Authorized Dealers. It is important that buyers understand the differences between them. As a general rule of thumb,
            if an authorized source is available, you should buy from them.</p>
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                <h2>Authorized Distributors</h2>
                    <span>Distributors marked with a green star () are members of the ECIA (Electronic Components Industry Association) or are
                    authorized by the manufacturer to sell their products (or both).</span>
                    <span>Octopart recommends buying components from authorized sources whenever possible to ensure that warranties are honored,
                    counterfeit risk is reduced, and that the components are properly stored/handled/shipped according to the manufacturer’s
                    <span>The ECIA provides good guidelines here, but keep in mind that for a distributor to be a member of the ECIA, just greater
                    than 50% of their revenues must come from the sale of components from their authorized lines.</span>
                    <span>This means that it’s possible for an ECIA member to sell non-authorized product, as long as it’s not from a manufacturer
                    on their published linecard. Be sure to double check with manufacturers that the distributors you buy from are actually
                    authorized by the manufacturer. In some cases, Octopart may incorrectly designate a distributor as authorized since they
                    are an ECIA member, but they are not actually authorized by that particular manufacturer.</span>
                    <span>If you spot a distributor incorrectly listed as authorized please send us an email (contact@octopart.com).</span>
            <div class="eg-non-authorized_dst">
                <h2>Non-Authorized Stocking Distributors</h2>
                <p>Distributors with a yellow star () do not have a legal agreement with the manufacturer to sell their products. These
                distributors have acquired components from various channels, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contract
                manufacturers (CMs), and other distributors. The stock is often unused excess inventory.</p>
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