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16 days ago
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Just imagine if greasing your machine could be easier. Less painful and less frustrating. That's what you get with the Lock and Lube grease coupler. With its patented sliding sleeve locking mechanism, the coupler locks on and creates a leak-proof seal. The waste and the mess are gone! If a fitting becomes pressurized, especially a recessed one, just depress the thumb lever and release the coupler. No more fighting and struggling with stuck-on couplers. No more broken-off fittings. For those of you who prefer lever guns, once the Lock and Lube coupler is locked on, both hands are free to pump the grease. With an 1/8" NPT connection, works with all standard grease guns: electric, pneumatic or hand-operated. When frustration and aggravation END, so does greasing procrastination! Your machines will get the grease they so desperately need when they need it. The Lock and Lube grease coupler WILL CHANGE your life! Now available standard with a replaceable Seal Kit (extra seal + 4 hardened steel jaws). With this extra seal, the LockNLube coupler achieves multi-year service life. A spare Seal Kit is included with each coupler - so when the existing durable nitrile rubber seal reaches it's service life or is damaged by a burred zerk, you simply change out the seal. Additional Seal Kits are also available.
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