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2 months ago
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Initially We start start search is_Quick_search will be enabled (KAL_TRUE)
During Quick search we will only try to find the cell on the bands on which UE has found the cells.
Because of this we will search only limited band as seen here Both DUT and REF has only searched 4 bands.
Once Quick search fails will start normal full band search.
As seen here REF has started normal full band search (is_quick_search = kal_false).
So REF added all the bands for the search and found the cell on band 28 (which was the overlapping with band 20).
So in REF band 28 earfcn = 9590 was converted to band 20 earfcn = 6200.
This way REF camped on earfcn = 6200.
But in DUT normal full band search is not Yet Triggered ??? sai >>> cause 7
Due to this REF was bit ahead when compared to DUT.
But as soon as REF camped on earfcn = 6200.
We see power off on DUT (not yet received normal full band search Request) (As mentioned this is triggered by you).
Because of detach \ power off DUT started the search from the begin (Stored and full band search from beginning / fresh search)
Since fresh search started again the search Request on DUT was with is_quick_search = kal_true
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