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# Define the calculator functions
def add(x, y):
    return x + y

def subtract(x, y):
    return x - y

def multiply(x, y):
    return x * y

def divide(x, y):
    if y == 0:
        return "Cannot divide by zero"
    return x / y

def exponentiate(x, y):
    return x ** y

def modulus(x, y):
    return x % y

# Initialize memory
memory = 0

# Main program loop
while True:
    # Display menu
    print("Enter 'add' for addition")
    print("Enter 'subtract' for subtraction")
    print("Enter 'multiply' for multiplication")
    print("Enter 'divide' for division")
    print("Enter 'exponent' for exponentiation")
    print("Enter 'modulus' for modulus")
    print("Enter 'memory+' to add to memory")
    print("Enter 'memory-' to subtract from memory")
    print("Enter 'memory recall' to recall memory")
    print("Enter 'memory clear' to clear memory")
    print("Enter 'quit' to end the program")

    # Take user input
    user_input = input(": ")

    if user_input == "quit":
    elif user_input in ("add", "subtract", "multiply", "divide", "exponent", "modulus"):
        num1 = float(input("Enter first number: "))
        num2 = float(input("Enter second number: "))

        if user_input == "add":
            print("Result:", add(num1, num2))
        elif user_input == "subtract":
            print("Result:", subtract(num1, num2))
        elif user_input == "multiply":
            print("Result:", multiply(num1, num2))
        elif user_input == "divide":
            print("Result:", divide(num1, num2))
        elif user_input == "exponent":
            print("Result:", exponentiate(num1, num2))
        elif user_input == "modulus":
            print("Result:", modulus(num1, num2))
    elif user_input == "memory+":
        memory += float(input("Enter value to add to memory: "))
    elif user_input == "memory-":
        memory -= float(input("Enter value to subtract from memory: "))
    elif user_input == "memory recall":
        print("Memory:", memory)
    elif user_input == "memory clear":
        memory = 0
        print("Invalid input. Please enter a valid option.")