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3 years ago
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  • Separare S3 bucket for each cluster

    • Is distinct replicaset ( for metadata) required for each s3 store? If you also choose to use a blockstore or S3 snapshot store to store your snapshots, you must deploy one Replica Set for each blockstore or S3 blockstore metadata database. link
  • Separare cypher encryption for each cluster

  • Is monitoring by mms-agent required for backup features?

  • How does load balancing of multiple backup daemon works?

  • Backup of 4.0 version is still logical, am I right?

  • you cannot take snapshots on demand [link] (https://docs.opsmanager.mongodb.com/v4.4/core/backup-preparations/#snapshot-frequency-and-retention-policy)

    Is it still true?

  • Ops Manager does not backup deployments where the total number of collections on the deployment meets or exceeds 100,000.

    Is it still true?

  • Ops Manager does not replicate index collection options.

    What does it mean "replicate"? Is it the same as "backup"?

  • Backup setup is configured via ui link. Can we do it via API?

  • How to know how much space consume each backup?

  • Standalones are not available for backup

    Does opsmanager support 1-host replicasets?


  • Is retention policy configured per cluster?
  • Is disable automatic retention and create-drop backups with API
  • long-term retention:
    • customizable PITR period (ex.: 7 days)
    • user can provide setting for long-term retention: weekly backup save for one month, monthly for 6 months, yearly for 5 years
    • if user created backup by api, we didn't manage it, it stores until user manually drop it