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print("Welcome to the Outfit Picker Game!")
print("This code is meant to help people that are colorblind and have trouble picking out an outfit.")
print("You will be given a set of clothing options and you will be asked to choose one.")
print("After you pick your clothing items you will be able to also choose some accesories that will make the outfit even better.")
print("First we will start with shirts.")
print("Choose between a Red or Blue Shirt.")
print("Make sure you spell each choice exactly as it's shown.")

hat_list = ["Red Hat", "Blue Hat"]
necklace_list = ["Gold Necklace", "Silver Necklace"]
watch_list = ["Rolex", "Audemars Piguet"]

def hatPicker(hat_list):
  print("Wait wait before you go lets pick some accessories!")
  print("Choose between a Red or Blue Hat.")

  ###prompt user for a hat choice
  hatChoice = input("> ")

  if hatChoice in hat_list:
    print("You chose a " + hatChoice)
    print("Now choose between a Gold or Silver Necklace.")
    print("Please choose a hat from the choices.")
###end of hat picker function^

def necklacePicker(necklace_list):

  ###prompt user for necklace choice
  necklaceChoice = input("> ")

  if necklaceChoice in necklace_list:
    print("You chose a " + necklaceChoice)
    print("Now choose between a Rolex or a Audemars Piguet.")
    print("Please choose a necklace from the choices.")
###end of necklace picker function^

def watchPicker(watch_list, hatChoice, necklaceChoice):

  ###prompt user for watch choice
  watchChoice = input("> ")

  if watchChoice in watch_list:
    print("You chose a " + watchChoice)
    print(f"Nice, now you have on a " + shirtChoice ", "  + pantChoice + ", and " + shoeChoice + " and for the accessorie you have a""  + hatChoice + ", "" + necklaceChoice + " and a" + watchChoice + "!"" )
        print("Please choose between a Rolex or Audemars Piguet!")
###end of watch picker function^

def haveANiceDay():
  print("Have a nice day!")

### end of function^

shirt_list = ["Blue Shirt", "Red Shirt"]
pants_list = ["Black Pants", "White Pants"]
shoe_list = ["Yellow Shoes", "Green Shoes"]

###prompt user for shirt choice

shirtChoice = input("> ")   
if shirtChoice != "Blue Shirt" and shirtChoice != "Red Shirt":
  print("Please choose between a Blue or Red Shirt!")
  if shirtChoice in shirt_list:
    print("You chose a " + shirtChoice)
    print("Now choose between Black or White Pants.")

    ###prompt user for pant choice
    pantChoice = input("> ")
    if pantChoice != "Black Pants" and pantChoice != "White Pants":
      print("Please choose between Black or White Pants!")
      if pantChoice in pants_list:
        print("You chose a " + pantChoice)
        print("Now choose between Yellow Shoes or Green Shoes.")

        ###prompt user for shoe choice
        shoeChoice = input("> ")
        if shoeChoice != "Yellow Shoes" and shoeChoice != "Green Shoes":
          print("Please choose between Yellow or Green Shoes!")
          if shoeChoice in shoe_list:
            print("You chose " + shoeChoice)
            print("Nice you chose a {shirtChoice}, {pantChoice} and {shoeChoice}!")
watchPicker(watch_list, hatChoice, necklaceChoice)
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