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import requests
import json

# Replace with your Instagram account information
username = 'your_username'
password = 'your_password'

# Log in to Instagram (You may need to use Instagram API or Selenium for this)
# Use your credentials to log in and obtain a session token

# Define the Instagram profile URL you want to analyze
profile_url = 'https://www.instagram.com/username/'

# Send a GET request to the profile URL
response = requests.get(profile_url)

# Check for response status and parse HTML content
if response.status_code == 200:
    # Parse the HTML content to extract relevant information
    # Check each section of the checklist and analyze the profile

    # Example: Extract profile picture, bio, followers, following, posts, etc.

    # Implement checks for each section of the checklist

    # Print or store the results

    print('Error accessing the Instagram profile. Check the URL and try again.')

# You can add more functions and libraries as needed to complete the analysis

# Close the session and log out (if applicable)