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Dear Reviewer,

I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on my recent contributions and share some of the initiatives I've undertaken to enhance my skills and add value to our projects.

Personal Development:

I have been actively engaged in honing my problem-solving skills and staying updated with new AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Gemini. Incorporating these tools into my daily workflow has not only facilitated my tasks but also allowed me to explore innovative solutions. Additionally, I am participating in NAGP workshops to continuously upgrade my skills, and I regularly evaluate my proficiency levels in relevant technologies to ensure continuous improvement using the NAGU level Up evaluation.

Project Contributions:

During this quarter, I made significant contributions to two projects:

1. Qpulse MVP2:

In Qpulse MVP2, I focused on the backend development of Trace and Qinsights modules. I prioritized minimizing bugs and adhering to SOLID principles to maintain code quality. By diligently addressing backend challenges, I ensured smooth functionality and enhanced user experience.

2. Logimaxx:

Within the Logimaxx project, I played a crucial role in various backend modules such as Dashboard and TTAT Analysis. As the lead developer became occupied with other responsibilities after the first sprint, I stepped up to lead the backend development, assuming ownership of the module. This entailed guiding fellow developers, ensuring timely project completion, and meeting project deadlines. Through effective leadership and collaboration, we successfully delivered the project as per expectations.

In summary, I am committed to continuous learning and delivering excellence in my contributions. I appreciate the opportunity to share my achievements and initiatives with you, and I look forward to further collaboration and growth within our team.

Manan Mishra

Dear Reviewer,

Area to focus :

I aspire to move towards the system design process of the modules in the IOT space project which involves DB design and the architecture design of the modules.

I need to focus more the learning the new AI technology to make my self future ready.

Manan Mishra
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