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import numpy as np

def cooldown(signal, cooldown=60):
    # Convert the signal column to a NumPy array if it's not already
    signal_array = np.array(signal)

    # Initialize the cooldown counter to 0
    cooldown_counter = 0
    # Initialize the signal to propagate as None (no signal to propagate initially)
    signal_to_propagate = None

    for i in range(len(signal_array)):
        if signal_array[i] in [1, -1] and cooldown_counter == 0:
            # If a signal is found and we are not currently in a cooldown, 
            # set the cooldown counter and remember the signal to propagate
            cooldown_counter = cooldown
            signal_to_propagate = signal_array[i]
        elif cooldown_counter > 0:
            # If we are within the cooldown period, propagate the remembered signal
            signal_array[i] = signal_to_propagate
            cooldown_counter -= 1
            # Reset the signal to propagate if the cooldown has finished
            if cooldown_counter == 0:
                signal_to_propagate = None

    return signal_array
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