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table name:EmployeeInfo 
EmpID	EmpFname	EmpLname	Department	Address	     Gender	Salary
1	Sanjay	         Mehra	          HR	        Hyderaba	M	500000
2	Ananya	         Mishra	         Admin	          Delhi	         	75000
3	Rohan	         Diwan	        Account	          Mumbai	M	90000
4	Sonia	        Kulkarni	  HR	         Hyderabad	F	85000
5	Ankit	         Kapoor	         Admin	          Delhi	        M	300000

Q1.first create table then insert values

Q2. Write a query to fetch the EmpFname from the EmployeeInfo table in upper case and use the ALIAS name as EmpName.
Q3. Write a query to fetch the number of employees working in the department ‘HR’.
Q4. Write a query to get the current date.
Q5. Write a query to find the names of employees that begin with ‘S’
Q6. Write q query to find all the employees whose salary is between 50000 to 100000.

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