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            <span class="name">Daniel Clifford</span>
            <span class="Verified">Verified Graduate</span>
    <h1 class="title">I received a job offer mid-course, and the subjects I learned were current, if not more so, 
    in the company I joined. I honestly feel I got every penny’s worth.</h1>
    <p>“ I was an EMT for many years before I joined the bootcamp. I’ve been looking to make a 
    transition and have heard some people who had an amazing experience here. I signed up 
    for the free intro course and found it incredibly fun! I enrolled shortly thereafter. 
    The next 12 weeks was the best - and most grueling - time of my life. Since completing 
    the course, I’ve successfully switched careers, working as a Software Engineer at a VR startup. ”</p>
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