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			Chapter -5
		Verfication and validation of Simulation 	

 Purpose of Verfication:

Validation techniques -Van Horn (Duke 1971)
.Involve people with domain knowledge
.for any predefined probability distributions that are used conduct statistical "Goodness of fit" tests to real system data
.Perform Turing Test
.Conduct Statistical analyses comparing model with real system output
.Deploy the model and repeat 2-4 with newly generated model and system data
.Implement the new or modified system,collect data from the system and repeat 2-4.

Verification Tactics:
	1.Having the implementation presented
	2.Tracing the model flow 
	3. Model outputs making sense
	4. Dumping data 
	5.Including explanatory comments
    6.Observing model behavior under animation 
    7.Utilizing pause and single step features

Three-Step approach for validation (Naylor and finger approach)
1.Build a model that has high face validity.
2.Validate model assumptions
3.Compare the model input-output transformations with the real systems's data.