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The time has come to reveal what we have been working on recently.

IP: [B]Vexeria.pl[/B]
TIBIA: 8.6

[IMG alt="e6cd85b419f90e2cmed.png"]https://images90.fotosik.pl/459/e6cd85b419f90e2cmed.png[/IMG]
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Today's announcement will be quite general, because it is impossible to present in a few simple sentences a lot of new products that have been added in the new version.
The main emphasis was placed on adding new items, events, systems, tasks and monsters along with new bosses, which are a huge challenge.

When working on the new version, we put a lot of emphasis on diversifying and expanding the game with systems that will give players a lot of freedom in action
while also stimulating the economy and community interaction. In addition, the paths of character development will be more "varied".

[IMG alt="94e1396ebfd98bf1med.jpg"]https://images89.fotosik.pl/460/94e1396ebfd98bf1med.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG alt="1610456252420.gif"]https://otland.net/attachments/1610456252420-gif.53616/[/IMG]

We've added new missions for a variety of items. We also wanted the challenges to be long and demanding, and the rewards you will be able to obtain - satisfying even the most demanding.

[IMG alt="9413ee101f17d84amed.jpg"]https://images91.fotosik.pl/459/9413ee101f17d84amed.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG alt="1610456252455.gif"]https://otland.net/attachments/1610456252455-gif.53619/[/IMG]

Smaller surprises and news: As for the map - hidden missions have been moved to different, new corners of the map and are waiting to be discovered! A new VIP system and Addon Dolla have been added. Getting addons from Addon Dolla is now random! New locations added, including a new city, hunting grounds.

[IMG alt="2275ebdc31010c87med.jpg"]https://images89.fotosik.pl/460/2275ebdc31010c87med.jpg[/IMG]
[IMG alt="1610456252488.gif"]https://otland.net/attachments/1610456252488-gif.53620/[/IMG]

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[IMG alt="1610456252559.gif"]https://otland.net/attachments/1610456252559-gif.53621/[/IMG]

As for events - they will be organized every day at different times. We will see you at the start of the new edition.

[SIZE=7][COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)][B]Of course, starting points are guaranteed.[/B] [/COLOR][/SIZE]