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3 years ago
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Below a tested script which was working on a situation with the same problem:

root@slx001001:/etc/uplinksdaemon/offline # cat flush_conntrack
conntrack -D -d
exit 0

In this case the "" is the SIP server address,

Otherwise you could just run conntrack -F to flush everything which in a failover situation It won't hurt.
Notice that the script should be put exactly to the /etc/uplinksdaemon/offline directory.

So to implement:
1) login via ssh
2) cd /etc/uplinksdaemon/offline
3) touch flush_conntrack
4) chmod +x flush_conntrack
5) nano flush_conntrack
Here you copy / paste a script prepared by you on a simliar situation, I'd really recommend just :
conntrack -F
exit 0

Which would work for every situation ;)

than you hit CTRL + X and than "y" to save changes.