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[CENTER]The server starts on [B]29.12.2023 at 18:00 CEST[/B].

[B]RealOTS[/B] has been tested for the last 12 months, we are sure of the functionality of all available functions.

[B]Exp stage[/B]... The assumption of higher experience points will not be associated with boring gameplay, new places, quests and events will be added on an ongoing basis, such as one-off individual rewards for players who are the first to reach the level threshold of [B]700, 850 or 1000[/B]... More information can be found in the events and library tabs.

On the server you will find all updates from Real Tibia to Summer Update 2023. Among others :

Oskayaat, Rotten Blood, New Items from updates, Bosstiary, Bestiary, Soul War, Gnomprona, Marapur and etc..

[IMG alt="vemirath.gif"]https://realot.pl/images/vemirath.gif[/IMG][IMG alt="bloodjaw"]https://realot.pl/images/bloodjaw.gif[/IMG][IMG alt="bakragore"]https://realot.pl/images/bakragore.gif[/IMG]

Our server has a discord server that serves as a forum, please submit any suggestions, errors or complaints on  [B][URL='https://discord.gg/qnpHM8C8tq']Discord[/URL]

Quests and accesses... You don't have to travel a long way to gain experience... 95% of quests to gain access to a given place have been disabled, however, to defeat the final bosses, for example the Ferumbrass finale or the Soulwar finale, you only need to defeat the previous mini-bosses to be able to fight fight with the final bosses.[/B]


[B]Quests for addons or outfits are replaced by an NPC who only wants items in the right amount, which is located in Thais near the depot...[/B]


[IMG alt="2023.png"]https://realot.pl/images/2023.png[/IMG]

[IMG alt="2022.png"]https://realot.pl/images/2022.png[/IMG]

[B]Double events such as exp, loot and charm will take place every weekend...

We invite you to play together! We guarantee nice service from the administration, and all help in case of a problem, which we hope will not happen! Invite your friends and join us and create your account![/B][/CENTER]
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