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25 days ago
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Good afternoon,

My name is Eduardo and I'm writing to you together with my partner Margarida.

I'm writing to you through this channel because I've been unable to get any clarification over the phone but here in Portugal your system works with the number of reservation and pin code, and when we put the numbers it would say it's not a actual reserve with that information. We already send everything to your support e-mail and still no reply. 
The only time that I receive any information was from your platform help support that stated they didn't have any information regarding our reservation. 

I'm writing to ask for this situation to be resolved as soon as possible and for our money to be returned in full.

Margarida and I were defrauded of €1650 through your platform.

We made a reservation through your website, which redirected us to payment by bank transfer, we received a document after making the reservation on the website, an In Voice by email represented by your entity Booking.com, we received an email confirming the transaction also by your company Booking.com.

After making the reservation and paying, we never received any further information.

When I contacted you through your platform, all you said was that you didn't recognize the property, the reservation or the amount, again to my email address. They also advised me to go to the bank and file a dispute so that I could get our money back.

We have already gone to the bank and filed an Application for Fraudulent Transaction and done all the paperwork with the bank.

We are sure that it is your company that will have to take responsibility, as it is your company that is being used as a means to cause this disruption, which is obviously a flaw in Booking.com's security.

Eduardo and I are not to blame for what happened.

As you present yourselves in a way that does not even recognize the reservation, you also present yourselves in this way without guaranteeing us our rights that were covered by your site in relation to the amounts paid by your tenant clients, that is to say again you are not complying with imminent legal obligations.

This is complete nonsense, we are out of pocket to the tune of €1,650!

I've got every single evidence of what happened, screenshots of what I was told to do when I made the reservation on your platform, where I was given the invoice and the email to contact the owner.

The respective emails exchanged with the supposed landlady, the respective emails from Booking.com, the invoice document for making the payment, the proof of payment, the confirmation email from Booking.com regarding the payment, the ID of the supposed landlady. Etc.

Other details regarding the reservation: 

Name- Eduardo Daniel Cota de Oliveira Sanches Vicente

E-mail- cmargaridamcs@gmail.com

Reservation number- 426099.3843

Pin code- 3538

Booking Department of Payment Invoice # PT-426083-9B1F21

Check-in date 25-08-2023 / check-out date- 25-10-2023

Name and location of accommodation- Rua Guerra Junqueiro 26 - Charming and Spacious 3 Bedrooms-apartament in Coimbra.

Host - Carolina Maria Tettamanti

I even have the landlady's ID card, which she herself has sent a copy of in case I need it.

I send you the link with the property of the reservation:


We want to hear from you and for you to come up with a solution to this situation.

Because we just want what is rightfully ours, our money.

This is outrageous and we surely are not the ones to blame.
We do believe that your organisation will provide us with the best possible service to help solve this issue.

We would like to deal with this with you without having to file a complaint with Adecco, but only if you give us no other option.

We would appreciate a brief reply from you.

Best regards, 
Eduardo Vicente and Margarida Coelho