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Please extract information from this legal context and give me predicates and premises in first-order logic formula format.
The grammar of the first-order logic formular is defined as follows:
1) logical conjunction of expr1 and expr2: expr1 ∧ expr2
2) logical disjunction of expr1 and expr2: expr1 ∨ expr2
3) logical exclusive disjunction of expr1 and expr2: expr1 ⊕ expr2
4) logical negation of expr1: ¬expr1
5) expr1 implies expr2: expr1 → expr2
6) expr1 if and only if expr2: expr1 ↔ expr2
7) logical universal quantification: ∀x
8) logical existential quantification: ∃x
1. Article 3 of Decision No. 130/2003/QD-TTg provides for the following prohibited acts : Counterfeit money making, transporting, storing, circulating, buying and selling counterfeit money. 
2. Destroying Vietnamese currency in any form. 
3. The photocopying of Vietnamese currency for any purpose without prior written approval of the State Bank is prohibited. 4. To refuse to receive and circulate the money issued by the State Bank in the territory of Vietnam.

Photocopy money is legal.
Counterfeit(x): x is counterfeit money.
Making(x): x is involved in making counterfeit money.
Transporting(x): x is involved in transporting counterfeit money.
Storing(x): x is involved in storing counterfeit money.
Circulating(x): x is involved in circulating counterfeit money.
Buying(x): x is involved in buying counterfeit money.
Selling(x): x is involved in selling counterfeit money.
Destroying(x): x is involved in destroying Vietnamese currency.
Photocopying(x): x is involved in photocopying Vietnamese currency.
Approval(x): x has prior written approval of the State Bank.
Refuse(x): x refuses to receive and circulate money issued by the State Bank.
Money(x): x is money.
IssuedBy(x, y): x is issued by y.
StateBank(x): x is the State Bank.
Vietnam(x): x is in the territory of Vietnam.

∀x (Counterfeit(x) → (Making(x) ∨ Transporting(x) ∨ Storing(x) ∨ Circulating(x) ∨ Buying(x) ∨ Selling(x)))
∀x (Destroying(x) → Vietnam(x))
∀x ((Photocopying(x) ∧ Money(x)) → Approval(x))
∀x (Refuse(x) → (∀y ((Money(y) ∧ Vietnam(x)) → IssuedBy(y, StateBank))))

Photocopying(Money) → Approval(Money)
Pursuant to Clause 1 Article 108 of the Law on Credit Institutions 2010, the following regulations apply to banking activities of finance companies:\n1. a) Receive deposits from organizations;\nb) Issue deposit certificates, promissory notes, treasury bills and bonds to raise funds from organizations;\nc) Take loans from credit institutions, domestic and foreign financial institutions as per the law; borrow from the State Bank in the form of refinancing as per Law on State Bank of Vietnam;\nd) Provide loans, including installment loans and consumer loans;\n dd) Bank guarantees;\ne) Discounts, rediscounts of negotiable instruments and other valuable papers;\ng) Issue credit cards, factoring, finance lease and other forms of credit extension upon the State bank's approval.
The finance company is allowed to issue credit cards?


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