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[2022-10-10 09:31] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] hears the sound of the bell and stretches his arms, before getting up from his chair. The first day of class went down quick!
He still can't believe they accepted him in Hope's Peak despite being two years younger than the rest of the students! That being said, his talent is quite impressive... who would've thought that the ultimate hypnotist would be only 14~
Ashen exits the class, dressed in the school's uniform: a white shirt under a brown jacket with matching brown trousers. He also wears what appears to be a silver coin on a necklace, dangling and shimmering as he walks.
The boy looks around... he hasn't had the chance to meet anyone yet, but people here seem interesting~
[2022-10-10 09:32] [user]Hopes Peak Harem[/user]: (Just to make sure because I assume they would do the generic 'introduce yourself', would he lie about his talent?)
[2022-10-10 09:34] [user]Ashen Fair[/user]: (Oh, I hadn't thought about that... he is mischievous so he probably would try to come up with something. Still not sure what, though)
[2022-10-10 09:35] [user]Hopes Peak Harem[/user]: (Gotcha! Ill let you think about that then, I just needed to make sure for my post)
[2022-10-10 09:37] [user]Ashen Fair[/user]: (maybe his title's more vague, like the ultimate mesmer, and he claims it's about relaxation or mind reading)
[2022-10-10 09:39] [user]Hopes Peak Harem[/user]: As the bell sounded and let everyone out, Ashen was still reeling from the fact that he had let in, and his classmates from the first years were... a bit on edge, given the fact that someone who seemed pretty young was let in and his talent seemed a bit sketchy... even if there were weirder. However, most of them had a mad dash out of the room after the teacher left, leaving a single girl with red hair and a wizard's hat sleeping at her desk. As he looked around there were a few areas on the current floor he could go such as the gymnasium, the cafeteria, or looking around the halls he could see a blonde woman from his class being one of the people near that he could catch up to in order to talk to them.
[2022-10-10 09:39] [user]Hopes Peak Harem[/user]: (Gotcha!)
[2022-10-10 09:46] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] 's gaze wanders around, before settling on the sleeping redhead girl with the funny hat.
Ashen walks towards her desk. They are the only people still in the class. He notices she seems to be sleeping deeply, and he can't help but giggle.
Standing on front of her, he leans in. "Wakey wakey... class is over~" He says with an amused smile. As he leans in, that silver coin on his neck dangles down, swaying and spinning, right at the level of her currently closed eyes...
[2022-10-10 09:53] [user]Hopes Peak Harem[/user]: Her face was completely flat on the desk, it didn't seem comfortable but she managed to somehow sleep there. Though as she heard someone talking to her, she let out a small groan and lifted up her face slightly, looking up at him and noticing the silver coin swinging around his neck. [color=red]"Nyeh...? Oh... I guess class is over, huh..."[/color] She spoke lightly, still rather tired as she had just woken up.
[2022-10-10 09:57] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] looks at her as she lazily lifts up her head. Oh, she's cute...
He sees how her gaze goes straight for the necklace, and that makes the smile on his face widen... perhaps this is a nice chance to make friends after all, in the best way Ashen knows how~
"Still sleepy, I see? Sleepy and tired... that's okay, class was just so boring, it's okay to be tired..." He whispers in a gentler tone, leaning forward and swaying his body just enough to make the coin move slightly back and forth... back and forth...
[2022-10-10 10:03] [user]Hopes Peak Harem[/user]: Her eyes lowered as she rubbed her eyes with her hands, yet they didn't open up that much as she nodded her head. The hat poking up near his own face as he could tell that she was pretty small, not even being 5 foot herself. [color=red]"Mm... yeah.. my mana hasn't recharged fully yet, so I'm still trying to charge it all back. Usually it's like this though..."[/color] She responded, with the assurance on that it was ok to be tired, her eyes continued to follow the coin as it swung. [color=red]"Yeah, you get it... I don't know how people can spend so much energy listening to what they're saying..."[/color]
[2022-10-10 10:07] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] giggles, getting out of the way of her pointy wizard hat. "Oh, you just need to find something easy to listen to... something sweet... relaxing..." His voice changes to a softer tone. "And then your mind just pays attention by itself. Listen to my voice, for example... isn't it pleasant?"
[2022-10-10 10:13] [user]Hopes Peak Harem[/user]: The redhead noticed him backing away lightly, but his coin that was on his necklace remained still. [color=red]"Yeah... your voice is pretty to listen to you know. It's better than all of the shouting that happens during class, nyeh..."[/color] Himiko complained, but she did find it rather easy to listen to his voice, especially with how soft it was.
[2022-10-10 10:18] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] nods. "Mhm... it's so easy to listen to, so easy to follow... and you are just sooo sleepy, aren't you? Way too sleepy to do anything else... you can barely keep your pretty eyes open, fluttering along as they stare at my silver necklace... back... and forth... back... and forth..."
With that, Ashen' sway gets more pronounced, letting the coin make wider movements, glistening as it reflects light into her eyes~
[2022-10-10 10:23] [user]Hopes Peak Harem[/user]: She nodded along to his words as he mentioned just how sleepy she was. In fact... as he continued to speak back and forths to her, she seemed to fall under quite quickly. Her face falling down and resting against the desk once again as she seemed to fall into a different type of slumber, a tranced sleep controlled by Ashen and his silver necklace. It was hard enough for her to keep her eyes open that entire time.
[2022-10-10 10:26] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] grins, pleased to see his first subject is responding so well. Of course, having caught unawares and sleepy as she was, she never stood a chance~
"What's your name?" He asks, taking off his necklace and holding it fowward in his hand, letting the coin spin and dangle right in front of her eyes.
[2022-10-10 10:29] [user]Hopes Peak Harem[/user]: Given how she was face first on the desk, she wouldn't be looking at the coin anymore as she slept soundly, but it didn't seem to matter given how easily she fell under. [color=red]"My name is Himiko Yumeno..."[/color] She slurred out slowly. Telling him what he wanted to know without adding any of the extra details.
[2022-10-10 10:31] *[user]Ashen Fair[/user] puts the necklace back on, seeing how he doesn't need it anymore. "Nice to meet you, Himiko... My name is Ashen. The ultimate mesmer... that means hypnotist~" He says with a chuckle. "And right now, you are deeply hypnotised, deep under my sway... isn't that right?" He drags a nearby chair close to sit next to the mesmerised girl, petting her cute red hair
[2022-10-10 10:34] [user]Hopes Peak Harem[/user]: Himiko didn't respond to his part of the introduction, given that she had missed out on his introduction before since she had been sleeping the entire class period... it just meant she now knew his name! Though with his question, she answered shortly after he asked. [color=red]"Nyeh... I'm deeply hypnotized under your sway.. yeah..."[/color]
[2022-10-10 10:38] [user]Ashen Fair[/user]: "You are so forgetful, Himiko... we met at the start of the day and we're friends, remember?" He says, subtly alerting your memories. "You really like me, you think I'm the cutest boy in the school... you love to listen to my voice and relax~"