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892 B
Map of the Republic of Bichitropur

Capital City: Slumber
Gas Fields: ♦
Bridge-Tunnel: ⋉
Natural Resources: ≈≈

[Map Description]
- Bichitropur is situated in the Northern Hemisphere.
- The country is bordered by Uttorpur to the West and North.
- To the East is Naliniland.
- In the Southwest, Bichitropur is connected to Bijoynagar by a bridge-tunnel (⋉) across the Cryptic strait.
- The westernmost part of the country hosts abundant natural resources (≈≈), including mines and forests.
- The capital city, Slumber, is located in the central region.
- Recently, new gas fields (♦) have been discovered in the western district of Silta.

♦ = Gas Fields
⋉ = Bridge-Tunnel
≈≈ = Natural Resources

[Compass Rose]
N   ↗   E
 ↖     ↘
   W   S

Scale: 1 cm = 100 km (for reference)