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6 months ago
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ok now the issue is iam getting sql error like
Error occurred while executing the query: 1241 (21000): Operand should contain 4 column(s)
SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tibtcare_ppm_st2.RMS_USAGE_TYPE_MST_AUD WHERE (UTM_CODE, op_id, bu_id,verison) IN (SELECT UTM_CODE, op_id, bu_id FROM tibtcare_ppm_st2.release_entity_inst_map WHERE release_id='1.0' AND op_id='HOB' AND bu_id='DEFAULT')

above error is because of eprm_join_cols_entity and eprm_join_cols_reim fields are mismatching they both shoud have same number of fileds like in above if you see in where condition it has  4 fields (UTM_CODE, op_id, bu_id) where as in IN statement it has only 3 fileds UTM_CODE, op_id, bu_id

now i want you to write an check before secondary_query assignment that check both fields must have same fields if any is missing you should concatenate in respective columns