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The first community run Game Jame on SOlana, organized by LamportDAO and Magicblock.

Solana Speedrun - Submission & voting round

Welcome to the Solana Speedrun submission page!

We're thrilled to see you here! This game jam is a celebration of creativity and innovation, where game developers, solana enthusiasts, artists and creatives of all kinds showcase their skills to create gaming experiences uniquely enabled by Solana.

We invite you to submit your game, whether it's still edgy, fully on-chain, Solana-integrated, built solo in a night or by a 10-manned team over 5 days.

We can't wait to see the games you've crafted during this game jam. Good luck, and enjoy the voting!

How to submit

Only one person from your team need to perform the submission.

Create a project here on Cubik (instructions) making sure to include:

  • Name

  • Game summary (max 180 characters)

  • GitHub repo (present the tech stack in the readme or make a brief presentation)

  • Main track and Sponsored Tracks you are submitting to (you can only participate in one Main Track but in many Sponsored Tracks)

  • Instruction on how to test the game (be clear and concise)

Eligibility criteria

You find all the eligibility criteria for Main and Sponsored Tracks on the main website .

Voting round and prize distribution

The community can vote your game by contributing to it. Your contributions will be directly channeled to your project. These funds can be amplified by a matching pool of Sponsors. Other Sponsors will award project on a 1:1 basis as soon as the round ends.

Submission template

Name: Kamikaze Joe