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				"My sister Ikassis sent you? Blessed be her soul! Yes, it is true: I need help. Listen, I will tell you a secret but please don't break it. As you might already suspect I'm not really a swan but a fae. ...",
				"But other than many of my siblings I did not take over a swan's body. I'm a swan maiden and this is one of my two aspects. I can take the shape of a swan as well as that of a young maiden. ...",
				"But to do so I need a magical artefact: a cloak made of swan feathers. If I lose this cloak - or someone steals it from me - I'm stuck to the form of a swan and can't change shape anymore. And this is exactly what happened: ...",
				"A troll stalked me while I was bathing in the river and he stole my cloak. Now I am trapped in the form of a swan. Please, can you find the thief and bring back the cloak?"
			}, cid)