org-mode agenda path [ChatGPT 4o 100%]

adding folders to agenda path. AI wrote this code entirely. Not all is included (it was mostly bloat) and I added ;; TEXT: to the parts of the response that weren't a part of the code excerpts GPT provided. This was done so it renders properly. avatar
19 days ago
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;; TEXT: Add the following lines to your config.el file to include your org-roam directory in org-agenda-files. Replace "/path/to/your/org-roam/directory" with the actual path to your org-roam directory.

;; config.el - Revision: Include org-roam directory in org-agenda-files

;; Ensure org-agenda-files includes org-roam directory
(after! org
  ;; Append org-roam directory to org-agenda-files
  (setq org-agenda-files (append org-agenda-files
                                 ;; Recursively find .org files in org-roam directory
                                 (directory-files-recursively "/path/to/your/org-roam/directory" "\\.org$"))))

;; TEXT:  This snippet uses the directory-files-recursively function to recursively search your org-roam directory for .org files and adds them to org-agenda-files.
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