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Na ultima execução do script de verificação do SMO, solicitada pelo Luís Prata, verifico que foi executado com o user Local Admin. Solicitava que o teste fosse repetido mas com a linha de comando a ser executada pelo utilizador .\SQL_BCK :

7) Test the connectivity between SMO and SQL server using the below KB :
--> Below steps can be followed to test the connectivity using the PowerShell commands:
1. Remote Desktop to the SQL client.

2. Open Powershell.

3. Enter the following statement:

4. Enter the following statement:
$SQLServer = new-object ("Microsoft.SQLServer.Management.SMO.Server")

5. Enter the following statement:
foreach($SQLDatabase in $SQLServer.databases) {$SQLDatabase.name}
6. This will result in a list of the databases on the client. This confirms that SMO is loaded properly and is connecting to SQL Server. If it results in an error, this must be resolved before Avamar can succeed.
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