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return [
    'title' => 'Microphone & Webcam Test Tool',
    'meta_desc' => 'Use this microphone and webcam test to determine if your device works correctly',
    'meta_key' => 'microphone, webcam, test, microphone error, webcam error, microphone fix, webcam fix, microphone tool, webcam tool',

    'webcam' => 'webcam',
    'webcam_short' => 'cam',
    'mic' => 'microphone',
    'mic_short' => 'mic',

    'device_test' => ':device test',
    'start_device_test' => 'Start :Device test',
    'test_my_device' => 'Test my :device',
    'test_device_online' => 'Test :Device Online',
    'device_information' => ':Device Information',

    'frequently_asked' => 'FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)',
    'not_selected' => 'Not selected',
    'download' => 'Download',
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    // sidebar
    'click_test_button' => 'Click the <strong>”Test”</strong> button',
    'click_allow' => 'Click “Allow” if you see a question at the top in the browser.',
    'now_picture_test_button' => 'Now the picture should show up when you click the Test Button!',

    // index page
    'index_h1' => 'Test your computer',
    'index_privacy' => 'Privacy Protected',
    'index_privacy_content' => '
        <p>This site provides each user with a simple online webcam and microphone test to see if both your devices are working correctly.</p>
        <p>Browser-based webcam and microphone test implies using the site\'s functionality without directly downloading and installing third-party software. Also, on Driversol, you can test your webcam and microphone regardless of their types and the device used with the OS.</p>
        <p>Each given microphone and webcam test will show all the valuable information about your components (for example, name, number of audio and video channels, delay, sample rate, sampling rate, etc.).</p>
        <p>Do specific problems appear on your device? Let our tester locate any issues and use our troubleshooting tips.</p>
    'index_feature_1_title' => 'No software installation',
    'index_feature_1_content' => 'Our microphone and webcam test tool works online without requiring you to install any additional software',
    'index_feature_2_title' => 'Free to use',
    'index_feature_2_content' => 'Our testing utility is completely free of charge. There is no need to register and forget about the restrictions on the use of',
    'index_feature_3_title' => 'No file & data upload',
    'index_feature_3_content' => 'Your files and media streams are not transferred over the Internet for further processing, so our online tool is entirely safe for you',
    'index_feature_4_title' => 'All devices supported',
    'index_feature_4_content' => 'Our online tool functions on any device with a web browser, supporting smartphones, tablets, and PCs',
    'index_feature_5_title' => 'Safe',
    'index_feature_5_content' => 'By granting permissions for access to the necessary resources of your device, there is no need to worry about security because these resources will not be used for purposes other than testing your device',