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a month ago
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"Hello, I'm Paolo.

We are currently in the process of migrating our Pippo project from Akka to Pekko, and things are looking promising. The reason for this optimism is that all the tests on GitHub have now passed with flying colors!

I wanted to bring up some uncertainties that I've encountered in our code. I've managed to identify the Pekko version of all the dependencies used in our codebase, with just one exception: elasticmq-rest-sqs. This particular library is quite handy as it's used exclusively for testing purposes, allowing us to spin up a standalone server to emulate the functionality of an AWS SQS instance and run tests on it. However, it's worth noting that this library still relies on Akka.

After discussions with Ralf, we've made the decision to keep the Akka dependency (version 2.6.x) solely within our testing environment. This is because it's a requirement for elasticmq during testing. It's important to mention that even in the event of any urgent issues arising, we won't need to update the Akka dependencies outside of our testing environment, as these dependencies are strictly related to testing."