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# Define the data
hazards = [
    "Storm Surge",
    "Flood/Flash Flood",
    "El Niño",
    "La Niña"

effects = [
        "1. Destruction of infrastructure such as buildings and roads",
        "2. Flooding leading to displacement of communities",
        "3. Loss of lives and injuries due to strong winds and flying debris",
        "4. Disruption of essential services like power and water supply",
        "5. Economic losses from damage to agriculture and businesses"
        "1. Lightning strikes causing fires and electrocution",
        "2. Heavy rainfall leading to localized flooding and property damage",
        "3. Hailstorms damaging crops, vehicles, and structures",
        "4. Strong winds toppling trees and power lines",
        "5. Disruption of outdoor activities and transportation"
        "1. Severe structural damage to buildings and homes",
        "2. Flying debris causing injuries and fatalities",
        "3. Destruction of crops and farmland",
        "4. Disruption of utilities like electricity and communication",
        "5. Psychological trauma and post-event stress among survivors"
        "1. Coastal flooding leading to inundation of low-lying areas",
        "2. Submergence of infrastructure and buildings near the coast",
        "3. Saltwater intrusion contaminating freshwater sources",
        "4. Destruction of coastal ecosystems and habitats",
        "5. Long-term economic impact on tourism and fishing industries"
        "1. Submersion of homes, vehicles, and infrastructure",
        "2. Contamination of water sources and spread of waterborne diseases",
        "3. Loss of crops, livestock, and agricultural land",
        "4. Displacement of communities and loss of livelihoods",
        "5. Damage to transportation networks hindering rescue and relief efforts"
        "1. Drought conditions leading to water shortages and crop failures",
        "2. Increased risk of wildfires due to dry vegetation",
        "3. Disruption of fisheries and marine ecosystems",
        "4. Heatwaves and related health issues among vulnerable populations",
        "5. Economic losses from decreased agricultural productivity and increased energy demand"
        "1. Heavy rainfall causing widespread flooding and landslides",
        "2. Destruction of homes and infrastructure by inundation",
        "3. Soil erosion and loss of topsoil due to increased precipitation",
        "4. Contamination of water sources and spread of waterborne diseases",
        "5. Disruption of transportation networks and access to essential services"

# Create the table
print("| Hazard            | Effects                                                                          |")

for i, hazard in enumerate(hazards):
    print(f"| {hazard:16} | {effects[i][0]}                       |")
    for effect in effects[i][1:]:
        print(f"|                   | {effect}                                |")
    print("|                   |                                                                      |")
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