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3 years ago
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Additional question for discussion:

ORNSmen who booked and miss NS Fit sessions. These session may be physical and Vft. 

As of now, rescheduling is allowed 48h before the session commences. Any inconveniences can be adjusted with rescheduling and taking note NS Portal is offline during weekends for maintenance.

Since sessions are paid for by MHA and it deprives other NSmen if session is booked and not consumed, a deterrant must be in place. 

This provides accountability by the NSmen. Additionally, SCDF will be able to plan accurately for the required number of sessions with providers.

Q1. Is there any penalty imposed when NSmen book and absent without valid cover by MC?

Q2. Will we capture NSmen attentance for those who misses sessions? 

Q3. How frequent will the missing attendance be generated?

Q4. Who monitor and take action on these recalcitrant offenders.

Q5. What kind of