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flowchart TD
    A[Submit Application] --> B[Await TSP Connection and<br>Successful Data fetch]
    B --> C{TSP Connected and<br>Data fetch Successfully?}
    C -->|No| B
    C -->|Yes| D{"Evaluate Application<br>based on Reliable<br>Risk Factors Appetite"}
    D -->|Out of Appetite| Z[Reject Application]
    D -->|In Appetite| E[Start Data Enrichment]
    E --> NR["Select Next<br>Non-Reliable Risk Factor"]
    NR --> E1{"Agent Value<br>Matches Source Value?"}
    E1 -->|No| E2[Show Value Discrepancy]
    E1 -->|Yes| E3{Flag Value?}
    E2 --> E4["Enable Value<br>Override Input"]
    E3 -->|Yes| E4
    E3 -->|No| E5{"Risk Factor<br>in Appetite?"}
    E4 --> E5
    E5 -->|No| Z
    E5 -->|Yes| L{"All Non-Reliable<br>Risk Factors<br>Processed?"}
    L -->|No| NR
    L -->|Yes| N["Generate<br>Quoting & Pricing<br>Recommendations"]
    N --> Q{"Continue based on<br>Quoting Recommendations?"}
    Q -->|No| Z
    Q -->|Yes| SR["Select Rating Factors<br>for Pricing Readjustment"]
    SR --> RF["Select Next<br>Chosen Rating Factor"]
    RF --> RG{"Rating Factor Type?"}
    RG --> |Risk Factor| AD{"Modify Credit/Debit?"}
    RG --> |Marketing Factor| AE{"Modify Credit/Debit or<br>Marketing Factor Value?"}
    AD -->|No| NF{"More Chosen<br>Factors?"}
    AD -->|Yes| AA["Apply Credit/Debit"]
    AE -->|No| NF{"More Chosen<br>Factors?"}
    AE -->|Yes| AB["Apply Credit/Debit or<br>Marketing Factor Value"]
    AA --> NF
    AB --> NF
    NF -->|Yes| RF
    NF -->|No| RC["Recalculate Final Price"]
    RC --> FQ{"Final Price<br>Acceptable?"}
    FQ -->|Yes| U[Move to Binding]
    FQ --> |No| FP{"Final Price<br>Adjustable?"}
    FP -->|Yes| SR
    FP --> |No| Z
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