Driversol Webcam/Mic

2 years ago
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return [
    // New 12.12.2022
    'recommended' => 'RECOMMENDED',
    'device_update_instruct' => ':device Drivers Update Instructions',
    'download_and_install' => ':download and install the updater application',
    'let_updater_device' => 'Let the updater scan your PC for outdated and missing :device drivers',
    'click_update_all' => 'Click Update All to install and update all drivers',
    'update_device_now' => 'Update :device Drivers Now',
    'update_device_drivers' => 'Update Your Webcam Drivers',

    'how_to_test_mic' => 'Is your microphone not working for some reason? Test your microphone for proper operation by following the steps in Test Microphone Online.',
    'how_to_test_webcam' => 'Is your webcam not working for some reason? Test your webcam for proper operation by following the steps in Test Webcam Online.',
    'start_test' => 'Start the test',
    'start_test_p_1' => 'Once launched, the test will be run in your browser online.',
    'allow_access' => 'Allow access to the requested device',
    'allow_access_p_1' => 'To start the test, you must grant access to the :device by clicking "Allow."',
    'correct_operation' => 'Correct operation of the :device',
    'correct_operation_mic' => 'If the microphone works correctly, the sounds produced to appear on the "Microphone activity" graph. Additionally, such sounds are often output to the speakers/headphones.',
    'correct_operation_webcam' => 'As soon as you grant access, the video from the camera should appear on your screen. That means the webcam is working. If the camera is not working, then you should use these <a href=":link">tips</a> to help you.',
    'not_working_mic' => 'The microphone is not working properly',
    'not_working_mic_p_1' => 'When the unit is not working, check this <a href=":link">link</a> for possible causes.',
    'service_features' => 'Service Features',
    'sound_waveform' => 'Sound waveform display',
    'sound_waveform_p_1' => 'When a sound waveform appears on the screen, the microphone works correctly.',
    'playback_sound' => 'Playback sound on the speakers',
    'playback_sound_p_1' => 'Increase the volume so you can hear your voice through the speakers.',
    'recording_playback' => 'Recording/playback',
    'recording_playback_mic' => "You can assess the microphone's performance by recording/playback the recorded sound.",
    'video_on_screen' => 'Video on Screen',
    'video_on_screen_p_1' => 'If the webcam works correctly, a picture of you on the screen will appear. You can also check the picture quality.',
    'adjusting_grid' => 'Adjusting grid',
    'adjusting_grid_p_1' => "Service allows you to check the camera's position and put it the way you want. You can also determine where the quarters and halves of the screen are located.",
    'effects_picture' => 'Effects for a picture',
    'effects_picture_p_1' => 'You can change the brightness level and adjust the contrast to see, for example, how you would look with better lighting in a room.',