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\lhead{Name: Akhil D}
\rhead{Email: akhil26in@gmail.com \\ Phone: 8904388576}


\textbf{\Huge Akhil D}

No.30 Second floor, Bindu layout \\
BSF STS road, Reva circle \\
Yelahanka, Bangalore 560063

\section*{Career Objective}
To secure an entry-level position where I can employ my skills to grow as a professional while contributing to the growth of the organization.

\section*{Educational Qualifications}
\begin{itemize}[label=--, left=0pt]
  \item \textbf{Reva University} – Bangalore, Karnataka \\
  Bachelor’s Degree in BBG (Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics) \\
  Year of Graduation: 2023 \\
  S.G.P.A: 8.91

\section*{Technical Skills}
\begin{itemize}[label=--, left=0pt]
  \item Computer course (Diploma in Office Administration) - IVY Computer Education
  \item Operating Systems: Windows

\begin{itemize}[label=--, left=0pt]
  \item Passionate
  \item Quick learner
  \item Hard worker
  \item Excellent communication skills with fluency in spoken English
  \item Leadership Qualities
  \item Team worker
  \item Creative at work

\begin{itemize}[label=--, left=0pt]
  \item Sports: Badminton and Cricket
  \item Dance and Music
  \item Movie Reviews

\section*{Languages Known}
\begin{itemize}[label=--, left=0pt]
  \item English
  \item Hindi
  \item Kannada
  \item Telugu
  \item Tulu