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2 years ago
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5. At the Accessibility popup, select ‘Agree’. Then turn on Accessibility permission for Leap Work app.

6. Go back to the Leap Work app

7. Then you are able to see the popup asking for Notification access. Select ‘Agree’

8. At the Device & app notification settings screen, allow Notification access for Leap Work app.

9. Then you will not see any popups in Leap Work app anymore.

10. Open WhatsApp

11. To test the call prevention: In WhatsApp, select a contact (in an existing conversation) and select ‘Call’. 

12. Then you will see the call is cancelled immediately with an error ‘The call function is blocked by Leap Work application.’

13. To test the ‘LeapXpert device unlink’ prevention: This is related to a separate use case where user needs to link their WhatsApp account to LeapXpert, and LeapXpert would be able to archive all conversation history. In case your WhatsApp account is not set up to link, this function should not have any impact to ‘unlink’ other devices in WhatsApp.