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[00:00:01.210] - Speaker 1
So, Justin, have a seat. It's nice to meet you. My name is Anne. I'm hiring manager here at Orion Industries.

[00:00:08.380] - Speaker 2
It's nice to meet you too, Anne. Your office is great. What a great view.

[00:00:13.690] - Speaker 1
Thank you. It's great to look out the window to calm me down when it gets busy.

[00:00:18.640] - Speaker 2
That's great. I listen to a little music to get me to focus. I guess we all have our ways to deal with stress.

[00:00:27.110] - Speaker 1
Very true. Well, let's get started. So, Justin, tell me a little bit about yourself.

[00:00:32.740] - Speaker 2
Well, to start, I moved to Vancouver a month ago from Singapore, where I was working as an administrator for ABC Electronics for four years. I moved to Vancouver for a change of environment and to take advantage of the career opportunities here. I love being around people and I love learning new things. Right now, I'm learning a new language because I think it is important to be able to communicate with a variety of people. I enjoy biking and gardening. I've recently won the OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships, a competitive bike race in Singapore, and I'm currently training for the Gaston Grand Prix later this year.

[00:01:16.610] - Speaker 1
Very cool. It sounds like you are a very competitive person.

[00:01:21.710] - Speaker 2
I'm only competitive when I need to be. The bike racing was a goal I had when I started biking for enjoyment. The gardening keeps me well balanced.

[00:01:31.260] - Speaker 1
Very well then. Next question. What are your strengths?

[00:01:35.660] - Speaker 2
I think I'm a really good listener. As an administrator, I listen to my colleagues and clients all day to make sure their needs are met. By taking detailed notes, by listening to their needs and making notes, I'm able to plan and organize schedules, projects, and tasks that need to be done.

[00:01:55.990] - Speaker 1
What about your weaknesses? What do you think are your weaknesses?

[00:02:00.860] - Speaker 2
Well, I sometimes do too much work at the same time, leaving me overwhelmed. However, I've learned to make a list of things I need to do. Then I do the important tasks first before I start new tasks. This has kept me organized and less overwhelmed.

[00:02:22.390] - Speaker 1
What are you looking for in this job?

[00:02:25.390] - Speaker 2
I'm looking for a job where I can work as part of a team and learn from others. I'm also happy when I push myself to do something new. Having a variety of experiences keeps me motivated.

[00:02:39.490] - Speaker 1
Great. It says on your resume that you worked at GCC Innovations for six months. That's a great company. Why did you spend only a short time there?

[00:02:53.290] - Speaker 2
That was an unfortunate situation. I was hired as a full time administrative specialist for GCC Innovations. However, at the time, the CEO was selling the company. When the CEO sold the company, a lot of the staff were laid off, including myself, because of changes in management. It was a great experience working for GCC Innovations, and I learned a lot, but it wasn't meant to be.

[00:03:23.960] - Speaker 1
I see. I'm very sorry that happened to you. It happens sometimes, and we just have to make the best of it.

[00:03:30.720] - Speaker 2
Yeah, it was unfortunate. Although I didn't spend a long time with them. They told me if I needed a reference, they said it was fine to use them.

[00:03:39.970] - Speaker 1
That's good to know. Next question. Why do you want to work here at Orion Industries?

[00:03:46.390] - Speaker 2
As I said earlier, I love working in a team and learning from others. Your company has a great reputation for being teamoriented and hiring talented people. I would love to be part of that environment, offer my skills to others, as well as learning from the talented people in your team.

[00:04:04.800] - Speaker 1
Great. In the job ad for this position, it's stated that this is a nine to five job. However, we sometimes have really busy periods where you may need to work overtime. Would this be okay for you?

[00:04:17.980] - Speaker 2
Yes, that's fine by me.

[00:04:20.360] - Speaker 1
As you've also probably read in the job ad, the salary is negotiable. Considering your skills and experience, what are your salary expectations?

[00:04:30.410] - Speaker 2
Based on my research, I've seen the salary range for the role to be between 450 and 550 per year. In addition, I feel I can offer value to your company. In my previous position, I saved my company $5,000 for making their administration systems more efficient. So for these reasons, I would be comfortable if we could settle on 50,000 for my salary. I feel my qualifications and experience reflect this salary.

[00:05:05.070] - Speaker 1
I think that may be reasonable. Well, consider your offer when we decide our candidates after the interviews are finished.

[00:05:12.060] - Speaker 2
That sounds good.

[00:05:14.060] - Speaker 1
Wow. Do you have any questions for me?

[00:05:16.920] - Speaker 2
Yes. Can you tell me about what training might be offered in this role? What kind of opportunities are there for career progression within your company?

[00:05:27.040] - Speaker 1
Those are great questions. You will be trained in the management software that we are using in administration. Also, if you're hired, your supervisor will train you in the DayToday tasks that you will be doing in your first week. We also have mentorship programs in management and programming, if those are an interest for you in your career goal.

[00:05:47.530] - Speaker 2
Well, that's great.

[00:05:49.610] - Speaker 1
Do you have any more questions that you would like to ask?

[00:05:52.560] - Speaker 2
None at the moment. I think you've answered all the questions that I'd like to ask.

[00:05:57.410] - Speaker 1
Well, if you have no other questions, I'd like to thank you for coming in today. You will know if you've got the job through a phone call by the end of this week when interviews are finished. It was a pleasure talking to you.

[00:06:09.430] - Speaker 2
Thank you for the interview. It was a pleasure talking to you too, Anne. Here's my list of references. This is for you.

[00:06:16.420] - Speaker 1
Thank you.