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import os
import json

json_folder = '/Users/kyle.kahraman/seadrive_root/kyle.kah/Shared with me/shared_Kyle_Prav/MEG_subjects/kyle test/formatted json directory'
output_file = "/Users/kyle.kahraman/seadrive_root/kyle.kah/Shared with me/shared_Kyle_Prav/MEG_subjects/kyle test/working.json"

for filename in os.listdir(json_folder):
    if filename.endswith(".json"):
        with open(os.path.join(json_folder, filename), 'r') as f:
            data = json.load(f)

        # get the data into individual lines
        lines = data[''].split('\n')

        # remove + and unnecessary | symbols from lines, clean them up
        lines = [line.strip('|') for line in lines if line.find('+') == -1]

        # start extracting specific information that we want, e.g. participant id
        participant_id = [line.split(':')[1] for line in lines if line.find('Participant ID') != -1]

        # further cleaning up, now we have 
        participant_id = participant_id[0].strip(' ').strip('|').strip(' ')


        # load original json file / template
        with open('/Users/kyle.kahraman/seadrive_root/kyle.kah/Shared with me/shared_Kyle_Prav/MEG_subjects/meg_subjects_demographic_data.json', 'r') as f:
            myjson = json.load(f)

        # in that json file set subject_id / subject name field to the participant id that we have extracted e.g. myjson['subject_id'] = participant_id
        myjson['subject_id'] = participant_id

        # similarly extract other fields and put them into json template

        # save the json template back with all fields updated
        with open('updated_template.json', 'w') as f:
            json.dump(myjson, f)