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2 years ago
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Feature: Trainer Sign Up
  In order to access the trainer feature
  As a trainer
  I want to sign up

    Given I am on login page
    And I click sign up button

  Scenario: user can sign up as a trainer
    Given I am currently on sign up page page
    When I upload my profile picture
    And I enter my first name as "Ivan"
    And I enter my last name as "Anderson"
    And I enter my date of birth
    And I enter my email address as "ivan.anderson.trainer.adroit@mail7.io"
    And I enter my password as "P@ssw0rd"
    And I click next button
    And I enter my school/organization as "Harvard"
    And I enter my working experience as 10 years
    And I click next button
    And I see the "We already send you the account confirmation link to your email. Please check your email inbox to confirm your email" text
    And I am on sign up success page
    And I check my email inbox in "ivan.anderson.trainer.adroit@mail7.io"
    And I open verification inbox
    And I click verification link
    Then I am on verification success page
    And I see the "Your account has been verified, you can go back to login page" text