ArasOdoo and BOM revs

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                    // Check to see if there could be an earlier revision for this BOM and if there could be, check to see if one exists in Odoo
                    // and has a routing associated to it. If it does, include this in the new revision.
                    // Take the current revision and get the previous. A non empty string will indicate the potential of a previous revision.
                    string previousRevision = GetPreviousRevision(bomPayload.revision);
                    var prevBoms = new long[0];
                    if (previousRevision != "")
                        // Go see if this BOM exists in Odoo and return the associated Routing so we can attach it to the new revision.
                        OdooDomainFilter filter2 = new OdooDomainFilter();
                        filter2.Filter("product_tmpl_id", "=", products[0]);
                        filter2.Filter("code", "=", previousRevision);

                        var reqBom2 = new OdooSearchParameters("", filter2);

                        prevBoms = this.odooRpcClient.Search<long[]>(reqBom2, new OdooPaginationParameters(0, 1));
                        if (prevBoms.Length != 0)
                            // Go get the routings for this BOM id.
                            var routingParams = new OdooSearchParameters("", new OdooDomainFilter().Filter("id", "=", prevBoms[0]));
                            var rSearchFields = new OdooFieldParameters();
                            ---> rSearchFields.Add("routing_id");

                            // If this is an empty response then we have no routing attached, otherwise we need to get the Routing ID
                            var routingList = this.odooRpcClient.SearchRead<JObject[]>(routingParams, rSearchFields, new OdooPaginationParameters(0, 1));
                            if (routingList.Length > 0)
                                var routingData = routingList[0];
                                var resultType = routingData["routing_id"].Type;
                                if (resultType != JTokenType.Boolean)
                                    var routingRecord = routingData["routing_id"][0];
                                    payload.routing_id = Int32.Parse(routingRecord.ToString());
                                    hasPriorBom = true; // Setting it here because we really only care about a previous revision if it has a routing attached.