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Greetings players,
It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of the Avalon server.

We are an mmorpg based on Tibia 7x, however a rework was done, new locations were added, new monsters with new sprites, new items that have attributes, new loot for different monsters.
In Avalon, there is no reset.
As the rate is considered low, we chose not to perform resets.

It is also possible to solve unsolved mysteries, based on Cipsoft's lore and find legendary items, which have great power.

Bosses are present daily, such as Demodras, The old Widow, Orshabaal and others.
and demons from the Ruthless seven, Goshnar can be found.

New NPCS were added, and old ones received new dialogue.

A small island has also been added in Carlin, which can be accessed via NPC Jessyka if you have purchased an Avalon Member.

When dying, the player has no experience penalty, only the backpack. Mana and Health regen have also been increased considerably so that everyone can progress in the game.

A premium account is not required to access boats, a premium account is required for higher vocation.

Purchases are made directly by the customer in the store tab.

Instagram: [URL='https://www.instagram.com/avalon_ot/']avalon_ot[/URL]

Oficial Website: [URL="https://avalon-world.online/"]Latest News - Avalon (https://avalon-world.online/)[/URL]

[B]Opening on Day 12/09 Saturday,  at 15:00pm BRT (Brazil Time).

Available for Windows, Linux and Android.[/B]
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