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Shopping is a necessity for many people. Nowadays, information technology is developed, we can buy things not only at shopping malls but also shopping online. Shopping malls and shopping online differ in terms of shopping style and conveniences. 
Firstly, shopping online and shopping malls are very different in their shopping style.  In shopping online, we can buy products anywhere instead of going to stores to buy products at the shopping mall. We can use cell phones connected to the internet  to surf and choose products, while in a shopping mall we walk around the store  to  search   for products on many shelves. Shopping malls will  carry more goods instead of shopping online.
Secondly,  shopping online is supposed to be more convenient than shopping at a mall, especially in modern society. In shopping online, we can easily compare prices among stores through accessing websites  anywhere while shopping malls go to stores to find products and compare prices among stores. In shopping online, we can know product quality  through review at a website while shopping at the mall ,  it is  quite difficult to know product quality. 

In conclusion, both shopping malls and shopping online all have their own benefits. We are buyers, based on each situation to decide which shopping style we should choose and to be intelligent customers!