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Secret rotation 
Increase User deletion 
Being responsive to customer problems.
Engaging in sharing and mentoring within the Pigeon project.
Staying connected with the Scala community for new initiatives.

Taking ownership of Pigeon Jira Tickets by enhancing ticket details and conducting initial analysis to provide a more accurate work forecast.

Identifying potential issues in daily activities and proactively seeking solutions.

Enhancing our understanding of the monitoring system and devising a plan to integrate and monitor aspects that are currently not covered.

Updating the monitoring system based on insights gained from incidents, identifying previously uncovered aspects that might lead to further customer issues.

Strengthening our code expertise to expedite the development of new features.

Pekko migration 

Area da migliorare: 
	Enhance knowledge of other software within the team, not just Pigeon.
	Oversee the automated updating of dependencies.
	Strengthen understanding of smoke tests.
	Enhance the security of Scala libraries.
	Continuously enhance the management of the project's Jira.

Collaborate with other teams to address company-wide initiatives effectively.

In the process of resolving issues and implementing new features, I will closely observe other Scala projects within the company. This will allow me to draw inspiration from the Scala community and adopt practices that utilize shared internal libraries, thereby enhancing the maintainability of Pigeon. Whenever I come across valuable insights, I will share them with the team, contributing to our collective knowledge of these common libraries and facilitating future refactoring efforts.

Overall, I am satisfied with the quarter. We worked on numerous activities and even had the opportunity to pause during the Pigeon freeze to prioritize issues related to the customer. Unfortunately, the quarter was significantly influenced by backlogged elements with time-sensitive deadlines. As a result, we had to manage other priorities in alignment. However, as we approach the end of Q3, we will have the chance to focus on improving Pigeon in terms of performance, security, and maintainability.