9 days ago
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Hi Vaidy,I was under the impression that we could have root access in the DEV environment. My plan is to install all necessary components for our application deployment, document the steps, and have the Unix team set up UAT and PROD based on this documentation.We prefer to use Podman instead of Docker, as we already have images prepared for our microservices in anticipation of our migration to GCP. While the GCP migration is underway, we aim to utilize the VHS servers to deploy these containerized microservices and other components, including scripts currently on other VHS servers, which we plan to consolidate onto our dedicated server.What would you recommend for the VHS setup? Should I raise a change request to obtain root access specifically for essential programs, such as /usr/bin/dnf for installing packages and /usr/bin/systemctl for managing Linux services?Thank you, Claudiu
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